Dude Where’s My Buddhism?

Justin Whitaker shared his latest blog “Toward a (good) Buddhist Fundamentalism” with me, and I loved it.

Great blog.

There is one problem.

The premise is wrong.

He has confused Hermeneutics for Buddhism.

Justin believes that by correctly interpreting texts written by unknown authors, a bunch of men living together who weren’t even alive when the Buddha taught, he can somehow recover the Buddha’s intention.

This is called Hermeneutics.

Despite being a great word to have if you are playing Scrabble it unfortunately has nothing to do with Buddhism.

Unfortunately, understanding the intention of a bunch of dudes living together a very long time ago, early adopters of the written word, the original Buddhist Geeks, is not sufficient.


The Lord of Death doesn’t give a rat’s ass what these guys wrote, much less their intention.

If the Buddha wanted to reduce what he taught to writing one would think he would have, given all his other abilities.


Buddhism has alway been and always will be transmitted orally from generation to generation of Buddhists.

Again, great post, but its premise is bit sketchy given the history of Buddhism.



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2 responses to “Dude Where’s My Buddhism?

  1. The original Buddhist Geeks! I love it…

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