Ogyen Trinley Dorje at Stanford University March 17, 2015? Ogyen Trinley Dorje à l’Université Stanford Mars 17, 2015?


I submit for your consideration the following from Stanford University as it pertains to the rumor that Ogyen Trinley Dorje will be at Woodstock, New York, next month.

“Stanford University’s Center for Compassion & Altruism Research & Education (CCARE) is honored to host “Caring Connections: Compassion, Technology and the Environment”, a talk presented by His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, which will be followed by a dialogue with CCARE’s Founder and Director, Dr. James Doty.
The Karmapa is the head of the 900 year old Karma Kagyu school, one of the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism, and guide to millions of Buddhists around the world. As a scholar and meditation master, as well as painter, poet, songwriter and playwright, the Gyalwang Karmapa embodies a wide range of the activities that Karmapas have engaged in over the centuries. As an environmental activist, computer enthusiast and world spiritual leader whose teachings are often webcast live, the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa has brought the Karmapa lineage’s activities fully into the 21st century. Currently 29 years old, the Karmapa resides in his temporary home at Gyuto Monastery in India after making an escape from Tibet in the year 2000.”

A tip of the hat to the reader for sharing this with me. It had come up previously here as a topic of discussion. Nobody could find anything online about it though. Good catch. Thank you.

Karmapa Chenno!

Je soumets à votre considération les éléments suivants de l’Université Stanford en ce qui a trait à la rumeur que Ogyen Trinley Dorje sera à Woodstock, New York, le mois prochain.

“Centre de l’Université de Stanford pour la compassion et l’altruisme Research & Education (CCARE) est honoré d’accueillir” Connexions dévoués: Compassion, la technologie et l’environnement », un exposé présenté par Sa Sainteté le 17e Gyalwang Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje, qui sera être suivie d’un dialogue avec le fondateur et directeur de CCARE, le Dr James Doty.
Le Karmapa est la tête de la vieille 900 années l’école Karma Kagyu, l’une des quatre principales écoles du bouddhisme tibétain, et des guides à des millions de bouddhistes dans le monde entier. Comme un érudit et maître de méditation, ainsi que peintre, poète, auteur-compositeur et dramaturge, le Gyalwang Karmapa incarne un large éventail des activités qui Karmapa ont exercées au cours des siècles. En tant que militant de l’environnement, passionné d’informatique et chef spirituel du monde dont les enseignements sont souvent diffusée en direct, le 17 Gyalwang Karmapa a apporté les activités de la lignée Karmapa pleinement dans le 21ème siècle. Actuellement 29 ans, le Karmapa réside dans son domicile temporaire au monastère Gyuto en Inde après avoir fait une fuite du Tibet en 2000 “.

Un coup de chapeau au lecteur de partager cela avec moi. Il était venu précédemment ici comme un sujet de discussion. Personne ne pouvait trouver quelque chose en ligne à ce sujet cependant. Bonne prise. Merci.

Karmapa Chenno!



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17 responses to “Ogyen Trinley Dorje at Stanford University March 17, 2015? Ogyen Trinley Dorje à l’Université Stanford Mars 17, 2015?

  1. Karma Tashi Namgyal

    Looks like tickets are going on sale today …

  2. Warrenz

    There’s also a rumor that he will give a long-life empowerment in NYC on April 13 but no details to substantiate. it appears he may be in the US for up to a month if the latter is true.

    By the way, I see his gig in Stanford is on St Patrick’s day. Although there has been no evidence for an Irish Karmapa – Micky O’Dorje might have been.

    • Ogyen Trinley Dorje previously suggested a month, annually, spent in the States works for him. How this visit is shaping up is consistent with this paradigm. I’m glad to see he has been able to make this work for himself. I was never comfortable with the dog and pony paradigm of 2008 so it comes as a relief to me that it appears to have been a one off thing as such. It wasn’t the kind of relationship I wanted with him.

      • Karma Tashi Namgyal

        Wish there was some more info on where he will be teaching. I hope he will pass through DC … If not this time maybe next.

        • It appers that with this particular paradigm Ogyen Trinley Dorje is here more as student than as a teacher. I wish him the best. That being said I know well the desire to not miss out. I learned the hard way as a young man that unless you intend to run of and join the circus, missing out is part of the process. The dog and pony show isn’t outside the scope of our practice. It has its time and place. Our purpose though is to bring our lives to our practice, not turn our lives upside down because we’re afraid of missing out on something important, as such. Hopefully Ogyen Trinley Dorje will have the opportunity to check out Stanford while there. Let him find a life for himself here. At this point there is nothing for him in India.

  3. jacdsr

    Tried to get tix-sold out in 3 hours. Also, “We also have some wonderful news to share that generous donors have offered to cover the cost of this event, so that ticketholders may attend this event at no cost. Going forward there will be no charge for tickets.”
    But there are none!

  4. Karma Jinpa

    Danang Foundation is organizing an Akshobya Empowerment and teachings on the practice with HHGK17 in Queens, NY.

    • Karma Jinpa

      His Holiness the Karmapa

      Confers Empowerment and Teachings for

      The Practice of Buddha Akshobhya

      The practice of Akshobhya is especially effective for the two-fold purification of the non-virtue of killing, and the disturbing emotion of anger. The Karmapa strongly encourages the practice of Akshobhya as a means to purify negative thoughts and actions rampant in the present age of degeneration.

      1) Purification of the Non-Virtue of Killing; rapid advancement of technology has led to unprecedented loss of lives – whether through animal husbandry or war and conflict. As a result, the vast accumulation of negative karma is also unparalleled. Buddha Akshobhya’s immense power of purification can remedy the non-virtue of killing.

      2) Purification of the Disturbing Emotion of Anger; one of the five Dhyana Buddhas, Akshobhya, is also known as Mitrugpa in Tibetan, ‘the immovable, stable and changeless Buddha’, who remains undisturbed by anger or hatred. According to the scriptures, while Akshobhya was a Bodhisattva on the path of practice, he vowed, ‘From this moment until Enlightenment, I will not generate anger towards any sentient beings.’ After practicing diligently, he eventually achieved Enlightenment as Buddha Akshobhya. As such, the practice of Akshobhya is particularly forceful for the pacification of anger.

      Buddha Akshobhya promised that the merit gained by reciting a hundred thousand of his long Dharani mantras, and making images of him can be dedicated to both the living and deceased, to secure their release from the lower realms of existence, and bring about rebirth in fortunate circumstances.

      The Gyalwang Karmapa has also commended that this practice is very suitable in the 21 century, at a time when negative forces are increasing in the world.

      Danang Foundation has respectfully requested His Holiness for the Akshobhya empowerment and teachings, in the hope to pacify conflict, natural disasters and diseases, in the world and, principally, in the U.S.. For this special occasion, His Holiness will also give the supreme teachings on the Four Dharmas of Gampopa.

      Details of the empowerment and teachings as follows:

      Date: April 11, 2015 (Ticket prices: $150. $100. $70, $35)

      Time: 9:30am – 12 noon – Four Dharmas of Gampopa

      Venue: Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel 135-20 39th Ave, Ballroom, Flushing, NY 11354

      Date: April 12, 2015 (Ticket prices: $300. $150. $70)

      Time: 9:30am – 12 noon – The Practice of Akshobhya, 3:00pm – 5:30pm – Akshobhya Empowerment

      Venue: Terrace On the Park. 111th Street, and 52 Avenue, Queens, NY 11368

      Chinese and English translations available. All Dharma brothers and sisters are highly encouraged to join us for this rare occasion.

      Limited tickets will be released on March 2, 2015

  5. Karma Jinpa

    Looks as if DPR is capitalizing big time off of Karmapa. Looks as if His Holiness will be visiting Seattle too:


    • Ogyen Trinley Dorje is visiting Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche?

      Of course he is.

      • Karma Jinpa

        Yes. Old habits die hard.

        • Karma Jinpa

          Btw, Bill, I’ve dropped some good Intel today, and in the days past as well. I’m going away for good.

          But before I do, I think that you have some real blindspots- a lack of Intel that makes this blog suck ass from time to time.

          I’d love to help you out, but you are too much of an asshole for me.

          Adios, and see you next month!


          • Hardly. I’ve seen no indication of interest in anything you have posted here regarding Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s visit from readers of my blog. Who cares? I don’t. We all have the relationship we want to have with Ogyen Trinley Dorje. Nobody here wants anything to do with someone like you. It is because of people like you that this blog has generated over a quarter million views to date.

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