Should Ogyen Trinley Dorje decline to appear at ticketed events? Si Ogyen Trinley Dorje baisse de comparaître à événements payants?


I submit for your consideration the proposition that Ogyen Trinley Dorje should refrain from appearing at ticketed events unless a donor commits beforehand to pick up the tab for those who wish to see His Holiness. For His Holiness to do otherwise is unacceptable and must be opposed in the strongest terms. Let’s nip this in the bud. We cannot allow those inclined to monetize Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s visit here to do so. We cannot allow these people to price people out of the opportunity to see His Holiness. If the tab for a ticketed event isn’t picked up by a donor Ogyen Trinley Dorje should decline to appear at said event. If Ogyen Trinley Dorje chooses to appear at a ticketed event in which a donor has not picked up the cost of said tickets beforehand we must condemn him in the strongest terms here for doing so.

Karmapa Chenno!

Je soumets à votre considération la proposition que Ogyen Trinley Dorje devrait se abstenir de se présenter à événements payants, sauf si un donneur se engage à l’avance pour payer la note pour ceux qui souhaitent voir Sa Sainteté. Pour Sa Sainteté de faire autrement est inacceptable et doit être combattue dans les termes les plus forts. Tuons cela dans l’oeuf. Nous ne pouvons pas laisser ceux qui sont enclins à monétiser la visite de Ogyen Trinley Dorje ici pour le faire. Nous ne pouvons pas permettre à ces personnes de prix que les gens de la possibilité de voir Sa Sainteté. Si l’onglet pour un événement billet ne est pas ramassé par un donateur Ogyen Trinley Dorje devrait refuser de comparaître à ladite manifestation. Si Ogyen Trinley Dorje choisit de se présenter à un événement billet dans lequel un donneur n’a pas ramassé le coût de ces billets à l’avance, nous devons le condamner dans les termes les plus forts ici pour le faire.

Karmapa Chenno!



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21 responses to “Should Ogyen Trinley Dorje decline to appear at ticketed events? Si Ogyen Trinley Dorje baisse de comparaître à événements payants?

  1. thubten2001

    One could just go to a dharma center event and tell them you can’t afford to pay the $20. I think I will skip Karmapa. I would love to get some pointers from Tsoknyi Rinpoche.

    • Under no circumstance should any event in which Ogyen Trinley Dorje is scheduled to appear be monetized by the host of said event. If there is no donor to pick up the tab for the event it should be cancelled. If someone wants to see Ogyen Trinley Dorje we cannot allow being unable to afford it to prevent someone from doing so. It’s a matter of principle as far as I’m concerned. If the host of an event at which Ogyen Trinley Dorje appears does otherwise the will be taken to task here for doing so. The applies to Ogyen Trinley Dorje if he appears at a monetized event while here.

      • thubten2001

        It is called a “donation” on one event so the situation you request may exist for at least that event. You may not be able to see him in person (if preferred seating is taken) but you get to be in the same building. Or one could stand outside the event and watch for his car to show up and then get some blessings from security.

  2. Karma Tashi Namgyal

    I have no problem with ticketed events. I think I would have an issue with for-profit events (and TicketMaster is known to be particularly ruthless in their business practices)… I used to live in an area with a very large Jewish population. My understanding is that for the big events you would need to buy a ticket (not through TicketMaster though).

    The logistics of such an event are huge, something would have to be done to offset costs, and I see no reason why that burden should be only to a handful of individuals – even if it is easier for them financially. That said, I don’t someone should be turned away for a lack of funds …

    Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche was asked a question of a similar nature – the video is on the Chronicle Project website – Tibetan Buddhism and American Karma (or something similar). In a nutshell he said, its a sacrifice … That talk is really good, BTW.

    • We have nothing to prove to Ogyen Trinley Dorje. If he thinks otherwise that is his problem.

      • Karma Tashi Namgyal

        Its not a matter of proving anything … but its a reality that things cost money.

        If His Holiness wants to teach in Maryland, we can host the event at my house – gladly. However, I don’t think I will have the room for all those that would want to attend. Maybe we can rent out an event center, you know if we all pitch in ten, twenty bucks – whatever you can do – we may be able to have an event that is much more accessible than just whomever can fit into my living room.

        • Seeing Ogyen Trinley Dorje is not a thing.

          • Karma Tashi Namgyal

            Agreed, but the location of the event is, electricity powering the audio system and lights is, set up and tear down of the location are, etc …

            • Without exception any event Ogyen Trinley Dorje appears at, ticketed, or otherwise should be free of charge to anyone who wishes to attend. If there is no donor is available to pick up the tab the event shouldn’t happen. It’s a matter of principle.

              • thubten2001

                Maybe you could go into the “principle” a little deeper. Are you saying that what Mr. Karmapa is offering is so special to one’s opportunity for transformation to another side of the self view that he is not being generous by charging a ticket price?

              • Karma Tashi Namgyal

                I think I would phrase it differently … but lack of financial means shouldn’t bar anyone from attending.

  3. Karma Tashi Namgyal

    That’s great. The legal profession would do well to embrace mindfulness practice – would do wonders in decreasing the lack of civility that is rampant and help with the substance abuse and depression that is at epidemic levels.

    In the interest of disclosure, I am not currently practicing law. Currently, I am working as a web developer. Never thought I would be able to say that I not love my job, but where I work as well.

    • Joe

      The ‘donors’ are paying for the private jets and 1st class accommodations.

      Let’s face it, our priorities are completely degenerate.

      There are millionaires who provide HHGK with top notch accommodations, private jets and all that. Then it’s we working class stiffs who only find out at the relative last minute where we can see Karmapa and we have to help pay for the event through a ticket. I’m sure each dharma center is making something off each leg of his tour.

      I imaging Tilo and Naro laughing somewhere at this rediculous spectacle.

  4. jacdsr

    $20.00 tickets are available today at; there are 700 available. Overflow will be in a separate room

  5. SocioEcoRadical

    Interesting news- Harvard gave away all of its tickets. My apologies if this was discussed already in other blogs of yours-

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