Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche opens mouth and inserts foot again on Facebook! / Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoché ouvre la bouche et insère à nouveau le pied sur Facebook!


For your Sunday morning entertainment, a tip of the hat to one of my friends on Twitter, I share with you from Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche the latest bon mot from his Facebook account.

“Hahaha. I have always thought and even said on different occasions that the book Power of Now by Mr. Ekhart Tolle is totally plagiarized. Of course, coming from me, people’s reaction is generally: “Of course he will say that.” So I hope Mr. Dan Harris’ commentary will convince more people.

It’s really high time for many self-proclaimed healers and self-help gurus at least to have the decency to attribute their ideas to the person or system where they originate. Especially in the west, where the culture of footnotes and references is so well established, it is especially puzzling why these western self-proclaimed self-help gurus still so blatantly plagiarize. That is one thing I’d think they would not do!

I do have to admit that many of these people are so thoroughly trained at packaging that they do a really good marketing job. So good in fact that they even seem to convince people in traditionally Buddhist countries, where many traditional Buddhist teachers don’t teach properly, appropriately, or in a way that is suitable for today’s time, place, and conditions.

So effective has this new packaging been that I was recently shocked when a very prominent Bhutanese dignitary who has been sucking up to the mindfulness industry turned to us and asked we don’t have something as good as this in Buddhism, and why this is missing in our Buddhist teachings.”

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Facebook

Perhaps it is time for the sake of appearances that I reach out to Rinpoche, perhaps in the form of a Huffington Post blog, and suggest to him some social media guidelines to avoid such ill advised posts.

Karmapa Chenno!

Pour votre divertissement du dimanche matin, un coup de chapeau à un de mes amis sur Twitter, je partage avec vous de Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoché la dernière bon mot de son compte Facebook.

“.. Hahaha J’ai toujours pensé et même dit à plusieurs reprises que la puissance de livre de maintenant par M. Ekhart Tolle est totalement plagié Bien entendu, venant de moi, la réaction des gens est généralement:” Bien sûr, il va dire que . “Je espère donc que le commentaire de M. Dan Harris convaincre plus de gens.

Il est vraiment grand temps pour de nombreux guérisseurs autoproclamés et d’auto-assistance des gourous au moins avoir la décence d’attribuer leurs idées à la personne ou système où ils sont originaires. En particulier dans l’ouest, où la culture de notes et des références est si bien établie, il est particulièrement curieux que ces auto-assistance occidentaux gourous autoproclamés encore plagier de façon si flagrante. Ce est une chose que je pense qu’ils ne feraient pas!

Je dois admettre que beaucoup de ces gens sont si bien formés à l’emballage qu’ils font un très bon travail de marketing. Alors bon, en fait, qu’ils semblent même de convaincre les gens dans les pays traditionnellement bouddhistes, où de nombreux maîtres bouddhistes traditionnels ne enseignent pas correctement, de manière appropriée, ou d’une manière qui convient à temps, le lieu et les conditions d’aujourd’hui.

Si efficace a cette nouvelle emballage été que je étais récemment choqué quand un dignitaire Bhoutanais très important qui a été sucer jusqu’à l’industrie de l’attention se tourna vers nous et a demandé que nous ne avons pas quelque chose d’aussi bon que cela dans le bouddhisme, et pourquoi ce est manquant dans nos enseignements bouddhistes. ”

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoché, Facebook

Peut-être qu’il est temps pour sauver les apparences que je tends la main à Rinpoché, peut-être sous la forme d’un blog Huffington Post, et lui suggère quelques lignes directrices de médias sociaux pour éviter de tels messages mal avisées.

Karmapa Chenno!



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10 responses to “Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche opens mouth and inserts foot again on Facebook! / Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoché ouvre la bouche et insère à nouveau le pied sur Facebook!

  1. Kim

    There he goes again! What a weirdo…

    By the way Bill, the rumour on the street is that KTD has arranged for Karmapa to give a Karma Pakshi empowerment and teachings for free. It looks like your call that the monetization of Kamapa to end stuck a nerve. Nice work! 🙂

  2. As for Tolle, I can’t say that he is my cup of tea, but plagiarism is a pretty serious claim. From my limited exposure, I never had the impression that Tolle presented much as something of his own creation and I think it was pretty obvious he is repackaging teachers of past – and states as much.

    Rinpoche is correct though – if Tolle was publishing academic papers, the citations would probably need to be more rigorous. But, Tolle is just a self-help guy, which I don’t necessarily think is bad – perhaps people are ready to hear what he has to say. Is that so wrong?

    He may be derivative and vague, but he plagiarized? That’s a stretch.

    I wonder if there is a need to cite the Vedas if the subject of meditation comes up.

  3. Kim

    Good point Namgyal!

    Isn’t DKR a guru to some want self help and improvement in their experience of life?

    Plagiarism is, indeed, a tall claim for our esteemed bodhisattva guru to make of Mr. Tolle.

    I still think that if DKR is unraveling, I mean, who cares? Perhaps Mr. Tolle is a bodhisattva in his own regard exhibiting a type of skillful means.

    Every time DKR offers a static opinion like this one it gives him the appearance as defensive and quite conservative.

  4. It gives him the appearance of naive and uneducated. I know they love the Buddha and I love his teachings but I didn’t come across them until I was in my 30’s and I’ve heard all of the philosophy in, well, my philosophy, psychology and theology classes.

    I’m not belittling the Buddhist teachings, I think having it all in one place with structured practices along with it, is amazingly beneficial but it’s not new to Western thought. Not one bit of it.

  5. Sue

    Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche is a great Buddhist master whose kindness extends to not only wishing that all beings will attain liberation and be free from samsara, but to ensuring that the actual method to do that is available to them in an unpolluted way. Our culture of self-help is glib and skates on surfaces; Buddhism is a profound and subtle method. Some aspects of Buddhist practice can be easily shared and are helpful, but really unraveling the bonds of karma and guiding students to do so takes actual experience of the nature of mind. So much writing these days talks about things as being Buddhist that simply aren’t (one reason DJKR’s book “What Makes You Not a Buddhist” is so helpful, it actually explains the essence points, known as the Four Seals); and these misdirections can lead students away from the real gold of Buddha’s teachings.

  6. *sigh* This is why cults will continue to exist. Don’t be so gullible to think that something is so all powerful. That is a cult mentality to make anything that superior.

    I’m sorry but using scare tactics is a cult dynamic. I’m not going to follow Buddhism out of fear that no one else knows anything and only the Rinpoches are smart enough to know what’s best for me.

    Do you have no self esteem whatsoever that you don’t trust yourself to discriminate what is and isn’t useful in a self help book?

    I’ll tell you something else, it’s not a Rinpoche’s job to micro manage our lives. If they have to hover over people like that. Is that what people want from Buddhist masters? A new mommy or daddy.

    Buddhism is awesome but so are many other religions and just plain ordinary people.

    Here’s the truth: Buddhism is not that complicated. If you’re sitting there wringing your hands and wracking your brain and thinking it’s so grand and awesome, you’re wrong. You’ve shot your arrow way, way, way, way past the mark and the Rinpoche probably thinks you’re a fool.

    They just don’t want you comparing Eckhart to the Buddha but that doesn’t mean Eckhart doesn’t know what the Buddha is saying. The truth is, only the Buddha could represent the Buddha… all the rest of us, including Rinpoche’s are just aiming at a mark that we are always missing because we are not the Buddha.

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