Nepal Earthquake: @Ponlop Tweets Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche in Katmandu and doing fine! / Népal Tremblement de terre: @Ponlop Tweets Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoché à Katmandou et fine faire!


My bad. I have been retweeting way too many tweets about the Nepal earthquake, much more than those that follow me on Twitter should have to tolerate. I apologize. I was in a bit of a panic. Not to get all fan-boy about Khenpo Rinpoche but I’m at a loss for words when it comes to describing the influence KTGR’s teachings on the progressive stages of meditation has had on me as a dharma practitioner. When our paths first crossed here in Chicago it was an epiphany for me as a Buddhist.

I had two kids at home in diapers at the time. What Rinpoche asked me to do I could do. I did as he asked me to do. And I got the results he said I would. I got it, how view works, and my meditation practice ceased to be the exercise in futility it has become for me. It would have really sucked for me if anything had happened to Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche.

Karmapa Chenno!

Ma faute. J’ai beaucoup trop de retweeting tweets sur le tremblement de terre au Népal, beaucoup plus que ceux qui me suivre sur Twitter devrait avoir à tolérer. Je m’excuse. J’étais dans un peu d’une panique. Ne pas obtenir tout fan-boy à propos de Khenpo Rinpoche mais je suis à court de mots quand il se agit de décrire l’influence des enseignements de KTGR sur les étapes progressives de la méditation a eu sur moi comme un praticien de dharma. Quand nos chemins première croisés ici à Chicago ce était une révélation pour moi en tant que bouddhiste.

J’avais deux enfants à la maison dans les couches de l’époque. Que Rinpoché m’a demandé de faire que je pouvais faire. Je fis ce qu’il m’a demandé de faire. Et j’ai eu les résultats qu’il a dit que je le ferais. Je l’ai eu, comment fonctionne vue, et ma pratique de la méditation cessé d’être l’exercice de futilité, il est devenu pour moi. Il aurait vraiment aspiré pour moi si quelque chose était arrivé à Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoché.

Karmapa Chenno!



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66 responses to “Nepal Earthquake: @Ponlop Tweets Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche in Katmandu and doing fine! / Népal Tremblement de terre: @Ponlop Tweets Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoché à Katmandou et fine faire!

  1. Kim

    Karmapa is sick!

    Why won’t KTD tell us what’s what?

    • I teached out to Ponlop Rinpoche on Twitter to see if there is anything he can share with us. In 2008 he had a seasonal allergy that was making him miserable but given his schedule he powered through the misery…

  2. When I saw His Holiness in DC he commented on his exhaustion and how bad he felt – they were the only statements translated – HHGK said its too taxing to think in two languages, which I could relate to and knew how tiring that was. However, it made me think he was in pretty bad shape.

    I wasn’t surprised to see the cancellation of the midwest stops and program changes at Kagyu Thubten Choling – from the full empowerment to the reading transmission. I hope he rests up and finishes strong – so far, I found the teachings to be pretty good.

  3. Warrenz

    If anyone reading this has some spare cash, the children’s home founded by Akong Rinpoche in Kathmandu is looking for funds to help with the aftermath of Nepal earthquake:

    • Kim

      More Chinese money?

      • Warrenz

        Really? That’s your response? Grow a f*#%ing conscience, you retard. How many orphanages have you ever founded?

        • Kim , don’t you love how ‘peaceful and compassionate’ these people are when you criticize their Gurus? Then they think just an apology will do because they want to quickly cover up all their seething negativity under their ‘tonglon’ practice and peaceful , shinjanged smiles. examples are all over the internet they rage they have attacked people with. It used to be ‘Communist Chinese’ but they can’t do that anymore. Poor things, the cognitive dissonance is getting extreme for them. . Yes , lets send money to them and a few crumbs might wind up for those Nepalese. . Akong was a member of the Chinese Work Front, lets not forget it, and the Karmapa is here to infiltrate Chinese Communist influence by stealth, no wonder he is sick , it is not two languages that is making him sick it his double faced, duplictious behaviors, pretending he is interested in democratic values’ and gender equality, and peace and compassion, while being an agent of China, that you have all conveniently forgotten or have had to rationalize to maintain your frightening fantasies, which is what got Akong asssasinated, oops I mean murders, oops I mean sadly passed away, which is how these Lamas finally wound up framing it. In other words Akong’s duplicitous behaviors, he was in Africa, because China wants to exploit their resources, and they are sending these Lamas in to ‘religiously converty’ them into guru-worshiping numbed out passive people that only get angry or express rage over criticizing their Lamas, nothing else. It is a perfect formula for a Totalitarian government. The perfect Manchurian candidates.

          During the Taiwan tragedy the Dalai Lama fundraised over there, and most of it wound up in his organizations pockets until the Taiwainese Buddhists there complained so much they had to return most of it. I have that on the authority of the group that got the money back. That’s one of their greatest scams, THAT and they will of course ‘pray for everyone’.

      • Warrenz

        Sorry Kim my last post was too harsh. Let me share with you instead how Among Rinpoche pointed out the nature of my mind. It wasn’t thru esoteric instructions or special ear whispered teachings. It was thru his ability to help those who needed help without fear he was losing anything or hope of recognition for his good deeds. If you can do that you understand more of mahamudra than any text or course can teach you. I’m sorry too you’ll never get the chance to meet him and receive his pointing out instruction as I did.

        • Kim

          I appreciate your concern Warren, your first response was all the mahamudra I need.

          I think I was merely mirroring Bill’s early reporting that AR was in bed with a lot of wealthy Chinese donors, some of dubious appellation, as well as the Chinese Communist Party as it was in Tibet.

          • Warrenz

            Alas Bill never knew Akong and prefers to swallow uncritically the bile spouted by Shamar R’s faction about him. Akong R. never cared what people thought of him. He would help anybody any way he could regardless of the personal cost to his reputation. He worked with the Chinese where necessary as it was the only way to bring material help to Tibetans in Tibet. Have a look at the Rokpa site I provided in my first post and see the kind of work he did.

  4. Shall we remind you again who this Karmapa is, and who he is working for to create the hybrid Han and Tibetan Guru worshiping monster Buddhism for the masses in China: It would make anyone sick to be leading a double life, and it makes people sick to also repress their own natural intelligence and reason and therefore have to attack people if the cognitive dissonance fire wall is penetrated.

    • Kim

      Warren, why do you bring gender into this?


      So much aggression. It’s funny how angry people become when their lama is challenged by the eye of healthy critical reflection.

      Bill, you are a champion of bringing the critical lens to dharma in America; I’m sure you can appreciate this.

      • Warrenz

        The post about you being a dude was not by me. Someone is posting under my name. For reasons I cannot fathom. I wish they’d cut it out.

  5. And one should also ask: When the Dalai Lama says he is going to pray for everyone in Nepal, who is he praying to? It isn’t God, because Tibetan Lamas say they don’t believe in God, so who they are praying to? No one has ever asked ‘who are they praying to?” Since that is always what they do and have always done to ‘help people’, but who are they praying to? Well its all the former incarnations of Lamas, and the reincarnations of themselves sitting up in the clouds, on the lineage trees or praying to themselves as representatives of all the incarnations over time, sitting on their thrones , looking down on the ‘poor sub-Lama race, the humans. . Start deconstructing how absurd this guru-worship is , and it will free up the ability to be really compassionate and help people, something these Lamas have not a clue about. Nada. Send the money directly to the Nepalese, if you can cut through all the corruption in that government, that was warned about this tragedy happening, for over 50 years, but never bothered to create an infrastructure that was safe for the Nepalese, and now the government will expect everyone to send them money, and most of it will wind up in the pockets of the same corrupt government officials just like in Haiti. I would send money after you have thoroughly vetted the organizations that are trying to help.

    • Warrenz

      Akong Rinpoche’s organization is on the ground helping with the relief effort. It was worked in Kathmandu for decades helping any one who asked.
      What have you ever done to help anybody, hookknife? How many lives have you saved?

      • Kim

        This is the strangest thread to date.

        Hacked posts?

        I’m going back to work.

      • Who made you the moral patriarch of the earth? How do you know who I am , or what I did in my life? or whose lives I might have saved or helped or didn’t? …, and feel you can attack anyone that criticizes those who are no longer living in a fantasy about these Lamas and just assume if they are not part of the guru-worshiping Lama world, that they are therefore useless, or couldn’t have been or be compassionate, or as you said above , when you revealed your true nature of spiritual elitism posing as ‘compassion’ until you are confronted with information or comments , you attack as you did above, ‘grow a f….ing conscience, you retard?’ Isn’t that the compassion you learned from Akong? You have quite an monopoly on compassion? I had decades of knowing you and those like you , people who become insane , violent people when their Gurus are criticized, you are dangerous, and dangerous to democracy and freedom of speech, and calling you out IS compassion in my book , so that people know and see what kind of ‘compassion’ these Lamas represent and what they teach.

  6. Jane

    Agreed! Get off your high horse, Warrenz.

    • Kim

      On another note, looks as if Karmapa will be leading a one day monlam for Nepal or his weekend in NYC.

      This leads me to wonder what he thinks of all the racial violence here in the U.S. and why this isn’t a worthy subject for a monlam.

      Someone on fb recently complained that the environmental issues that His Holiness espouses are basically non-political. They are safe and well accepted amongst Buddhists.

      Somehow the events in Baltimore and Ferguson don’t seem to matter. That’s pretty sad.

      Bill, I’d love to get your thoughts on this.

      • Ani Jinpa Lhamo

        Hi Kim,

        Monks from Drepung at any rate were active and visible in Ferguson:

        • Kim

          That’s true! Great point.

          I was actually referring to Karmapa and his North American seat and related centers. He would have to be blind to not see the chaos and violence there, a perfect case for the importance of akshobya, but instead silence.

          Always silence. They can talk a good game about recycling and using grey-water or solar panels, but they don’t seem to be able to talk about people of color and social injustice.

          Sometimes I get the impression that they feel that these are ‘American problems’, which is obviously not true as racism is common throughout the Himalayas. Ever hear all the jokes about Phadampa Sangye being called ugly because he was so dark (he was from south India)?

          • jinzang

            Actually, criticizing dark skin as ugly has less to do with race than it does with class. You’ll find it in all races and cultures. For example, the hero of the Chinese novel The Water Margin is called ugly for his dark skin. The reason for equating light skin with beauty is simple: The lower classes, who had to work outdoors, grew darker from the sun, while, the upper classes stayed lighter from working indoors. Looking like the upper class was desirable, hence light skin was more considered more attractive than dark. Thorstein Veblen explained it all in his book “The Theory of the Leisure Class.”

        • Active and visible, sure….. former monks in a slave and serfdom social system less than 56 years ago. . Pretty unbelievable and bold. I don’t think it is going to work in Baltimore MD. . Ralph Emanuel also tried it with the His Holiness and His Highness , in Chicago, when the Sakong of Shambhala Incorporated, came in his golden Robes, care of Goldman Sachs, and to quell the blacks there into not protesting as they are more exploited than ever by the .001 percent who just loooove Tibetan Lamaism and it’s thousand year history in quelling their own masses into slavery and serfdom austerity. Do you people ever read history anymore? No, of course not, it is just an illusion you are told. Those monks are there because the Plutocrats are using the Dalai Lama to go after the South in America as part of his New Age spiritual Alliance with Dominionist Christians and New Christ Channelers like Barabara Marx Hubbard ‘Divine Within’ movement of Theosophists and Course in Miracles bunch to create his ‘secular spirituality’ ruse ., He loves those who channel entities since he , himself , relies on his oracle for most major decisions while donning his mask of ‘secular spirituality”. You can see his alliance with the New Age Christians and SHIFT people, in the film, narrated by Harrison Ford “Renaissance”

          You can see Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, who channels animals, all traveling to India to meet with the Dalai Lama. There is no one these Lamas won’t hook up with and use to try and create their future Adi-Buddha world .

          • Tibetan Buddhism = Spiritual Materialism ad naseum. Good thing they are keeping all you Mahamudra specialists busy doing your guru yoga and not using your five hundred year history and wester lineage of separating Church and State and your reasoning abilities anymore. You had to be dumbed down, turned inward and not paying attention, so they could fool the less fortunate intellectually. Dumb down the liberals first , that was priority ONE.

  7. Ani Jinpa Lhamo

    I hadn’t heard that about Phadampa Sangye, but it fits all too well.

  8. Ani Jinpa Lhamo

    And no one dares to speak up and set them straight on this … ?

  9. Ani Jinpa Lhamo

    Why not? What exactly would happen? It’s just never happened in my presence, I didn’t even know about this.

  10. Kim

    Actually, just say a photo of Khhenpo Tenkyang in Illinois on FB taken yesterday…

    … Beginning to think that an unannounced and in publicized visit was made by His Holiness on his way to Madison.

  11. How lucky the Lamas are you have found you all. Speak up about anything? Are you kidding, you have let people die of being infected with the AIDS virus by a regent of the Lama, and let him be ‘rehabilitated’ on Shambhala websites, you have let a Chinese Communist Lama infiltrate into our ‘esteemed halls’ of educational privilege, and now you are asking whether a representative of slave owners and a primitive serfdom that kept their people enslaved and referred to them as ‘talking animal’s and referred to women as ‘demons and inferior beings except for the Karma Mudra practices of the Lamas and their sexual indulgences, and their insane belief that they could shoot their semen to the top of their heads by holding back ejaculation, as a ‘Mahamudra experience”! and are still letting their Tibet people they abandoned escaping with their tons of gold and silver, and are still letting them set themeselves s on fire for a Free Tibet, when they have been colluding with China since the 80’s , at the least, and you are wondering why they are not speaking up about ‘racism’ in this country? Lama representatives of the most extreme form of racism on earth, that racism of ‘Lamaism’ and tulkus that believe they are incarnated deities, thanks to you still reinforcing this, who see themselves as superior and above the whole human race! You are unbelievable, Nothing penetrates you, nothing, if you saw this Karmapa murder someone before your eyes, it would be a ‘great blessing’ for the person and jolly good luck for the deceased. . You should be very proud of yourselves, Vajra pride it is called , I believe. Good grief I always wondered how Germany and all the Germans could go along with what happened there, I wonder no longer.

    • Jane

      Both Karmapas have asked Tibetans to stop setting themselves on fire. I wish DL would do the same.

      • Kim

        I don’t know anything about self-immolation. But I do know that there’s a storm a brewing in Woodstock. This storm’s comparable to the one that lead to the resignation of BTR. It will take some time before it explodes, but the build-up has begun.

        Bill, you might want to freshen up a bit so that you can jump in when you need…

        • Kim

          Anyway, just saw a pic on fb, that Ponlop Rinpoche and Khenpo Kathar Rinpoche and Lama Karma were with His Holiness at Zion.

          A real shame that they did this on the down low!!!

      • Only after they read the blogs and comments of ordinary Americans, who started getting upset and commented about why the Dalai Lama, and this Karmapa, were encouraging the self-immolations by calling them great Bodhisattva acts and not saying NO in a big bold voice. They are still setting themselves on fire because the Lamas use double think and double talk, calling them great Bodhisattva acts still in Dharmasala and building shrines to these ‘martyrs’, and the Tibetans in Exile, with the Dalai Lama’s approval write and perform many pop songs on You Tube about how brave they are. It is like them telling the world that they are ‘feminists’ when they are the most misogynistic group of priests on earth , who are worse than the Catholic Church, who negate even women as mothers, the best mother of a Tulku is one who dies, after the child is born, this is a group of priests that consider themselves ‘self-born’ they have so negated women from the picture, and only the sexually abused vicitims of these Lamas are keeping this farce going except for June Campbell, who was the consort of of the late Kalu Rinpoche, and whose expose, and book , ‘Traveler in Space’ is surprise , surprise is out of print but you can get it from an interlibrary loan, Since Jane, you seem to be interested in Tibetan lamaism, may I suggest that It is essential reading to find out who these Lamas are, what they really think about women, how they see themselves as beyond the human realm torn from their mothers, raised in the most misogynistic imaginable environment. People have to stop listening to the the lamas and their enabling western cult members, including the sexually abused consorts and enablers, and the promoters who are imprisoned by their guru worship, and engage in public relations spin about who and what these Lamas are really about. And certainly not chauvinist men who have blogs, and want to return to medieval times because they are also scared to death of women.

  12. What you are reinforcing by your Guru worship : A system that is devoid of human relationships:

    :Tulkus torn from their mothers and family and raised by old monks in a superstitious , fear realm, rigidly trained in rituals and abishekas for crowds to bring in the money, deprived of the love of their mother and normal family, catapulted into an all -male world completely absent of ‘mother;’:
    and normal human contact.

    “There were few compensations for such children forced to endure the hardships of this most unusual childhood. Furthermore these hardships did not just pertain…to the upbringing of tulkus, but also to the countless young boys who were given by their families at a young age (toddlers) to the monasteries. Some estimates suggest that one in three of all males Tibetans were monks ” (June Campbell. )

    Often their only comfort was to be found in relationships which they could form within the confines of the all male system, thus homosexual relationships and the abuse of the younger boy monks by older male monks, with less status were common. , Or the higher monks had secret relationships with women , either of a mundane nature, or of Tantra which is an essential component of the religious life of advanced practioners. ‘Without sexual relations, no Mahamudra, as is taught. Don’t believe for a minute this is all symbolic, promiscuity with serial relationships, even if a married monk, by these tulkus is a requirement. It is a way to completely control the female , without having to include her, or make any comitment. Not only was there a lack of human relationship and physicality which distinguishes the tulku’s life from others but then they are brought up in an atmosphere of being adored by guru worshipers like yourselves, further isolating the tulku so that they can never develop a normal self-identity and therefore they and the system that produces this cruel upbringing, and such alienation has to elevate this alienation from all things human into something ‘above the human realm’ ‘wise’ and transcendent’ in order that the little tulkus not “sink into despair” as Campbell puts it. . No wonder Trungpa drank himself to death, the constant seeking of women for not only his ‘spiritual practcies’ but also to compensate for the aloneness and isolation of his life, adored by others as a God, but never seen as a real person with human needs and an ability , like all tulkus are devoid of , to forge an identity separate from this sick system of patriarchy devoid of the female, and normal human contact, creates a very different understanding about his behavior than ‘Crazy Wisdom’. He was seen often crying outside the door of a ‘consort’ who got sick of spending drunken nights in his company, , cried and wept for her company’. banging on the door at the end of his life. Pathos, and sympathy for him, not adoration . It is the selfishness of guru-worshipers that refuse to see reality in order to maintain their fantasies at all costs to reality , to keep this system going. That and the cynical behavior of the power hungry ‘monk adminstrators’ of the labrangs of these tulkus.

    This experience of a young tulku creates a narcissistic person, who will grow up to need constant adoration and attention, as celebrity Lamas, (think of the Dalai Lama ) who have been literally forced by a system to be abandoned by their mothers, mothers and females who are seen as inferior beings , not worthy of entering the sacred circle of power in their extreme patriarchal system of Lamahood.,

    So when you are all feeling particularly ‘special’ about your ‘compassionate place in the world, and doing your Guru Yoga practices, and repeating your Karmapa Chenno mantra, note that this is what you are continuing and reinforcing with your need for your fantasies, , this system that creates this kind of androcentrism and misogyny and negates even motherhood, perpetuating the ‘ideal’ of the ‘self-born guru’, co-created by an all male system that ‘recognizes’ themselves ,adore themselves, prostrate to themselves, and pray to themselves, even gives birth to themselves, so that they can have complete control over female energy, a system that without the need of a mother who is pretty quickly a system that depends on negating the female from all aspects of life, except as a consort sexually or as an idealized image, in order to defend against the terrible cruelty of th Lama system, on little boys as these Lamas expand Lamaism throughout the world. I suggest, for those brave enough to really ‘wake up’ try finding June Campbell’s excellent work that the Lama system doesn’t want you to read.

    Even the Catholic patriarchy gave more of a place for the female, and put Mary in their sacred circle. Not these utra-misogynists the Lamas who will continue this terrible abusive system, thanks to you all and your ‘spiritual journeys’ toward ‘enlightenment’ .

  13. Jane

    I’ll try to find the book. Interesting that the present Kalu Rinpoche suffered from sexual abuse when he lived with lama monks.

    • Kim

      He beat Karmapa to the Baltimore issue. Good for him.

      Karmapa’s handlers are out of touch with the world.

  14. Kim

    Is Tinfoil Ushnisha dead?

    It appears to be…

    • Actually readers in numbers are getting a taste of what I have written to date in anticipation of the book I am writing…

      • Kim

        Do you have any thoughts on this latest tour that His Holiness made here?

        I’m really interested in your thoughts.

        Many friends have expressed disappointment.

        I just saw that there was a completely secret trip that HHGK made to the Chicago KTC- the lack of transparency adopted by his handlers is disgusting.

        • From today’s news, the Sakyong is here on Chicago’s South Side with a local minister speaking out on the issue of the day #blacklivesmatter. What a photo op of a day for Shambhala Buddhists. Their kid is doing them proud. He is a Buddhist. He is where we expect him to be. He is a young enegetic Buddhist leader, up in it, where the action is.

          What about Ogyen Trinley Dorje, Gyalwa Karmapa, man of action? We have the “Where is Apo Gaga? Game, brought to you by “Two Tibetans with a Yak” productions! I’m sorry. He’s still just a kid, really. The Sakyong wasn’t raised by a bunch of men.

          Ogyen Trinley Dorje at 29, in a nutshell. The kid has been raised like a prize farm animal. He had no childhood. It sucked. Adolecence? Forget about it. Adulthood? Boring ass shit, day in day out. It remains to be seen what is going to become of him.

          • Joe

            It sounds like Michael Jackson’s childhood. I wish he’d spend a little less time with men in robes and more time learning English.

  15. Kim

    Hey Joe, guess what? HHGK is nearly fluent in English.

    Believe me, if this trip is any taste of what’s to come we might as well consider jumping ship.

    This trip was all about Denang Foundation, KTD and Nalandabodhi, their wealthy donors, and their own institutional imperatives. Karmapa is a caged jewel that each group passed around like a joint at a college party.

    I think what Bill might be getting at is that we are waiting to see him get some balls.

    I personally love all the copyrighted photos and Tsurphu Labrang Media labels. I’m sure Karmapa’s worth rose in Rupert Murdoch’s eyes.

    We can look to what happens at KTD as a possible indicator. If the place becomes less democratic, and the position of executive director is done away with in favor of keeping power within the hands of a small Tibetan elite, then we will know what’s what.

    Yes the lad had a shitty upbringing, AND the Buddhist world projects a whole lot of unrealistic shit upon him. It’s a shame its impossible for him to go the Mingyur Rinpoche route. Instead we get a caged figurehead who is unable to do what he likes…

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