If Lama Kathy had an opinion other than Khenpo Karthar’s

A reader commented, “Lama Kathy would beg to differ.”

Kathy Wesley, KTD Board Member, thinking for herself?

“That would be a welcome development.”

If any American associated with KTD over the past 39 years had an opinion other than that of Khenpo Karthar’s, Ogyen Trinley Dorje wouldn’t think the place a museum.



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6 responses to “If Lama Kathy had an opinion other than Khenpo Karthar’s

  1. Dan

    Purists would say it’s better to follow KKR’s thoughts on how KTD should be as his mind is more pure- less motivated by self-interest than the western “lamas”.

    I don’t know if that makes KTD a museum or not, but at least LK is modeling humility.

    • Dan

      Happy 4th by the way!!

    • That is precisely the kind of thinking that was Khenpo Karthar’s undoing as a Rinpoche.

      Lama Karma was parachuted in at KTD.

      The only reason he is here is because he is Rinpoche’s nephew.

      • Dan

        But it’s likely that Lama Karma will become the new “Rinpoche” there, right?

        I mean he gives empowerment and all that…

        KKR did a classic job of keeping it in the family. That’s some real Gampopa/Gomstul stuff!

        • Lama Karma’s parachuting in like he did is about the future of Thrangu monastery.

          It has nothing to do with KTD.

          After Khenpo Karthar passes Theangu monastery will put a child on a throne and declare him Rinpoche’s reincarnation.

          His nephew, Lama Karma will be the child’s tutor.

          KTD is a museum.

          Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s Karma Kagyu sect is fully vested in repatriating itself to what was once Tibet.

          The Karma Kagyu sect’s sole interest in America is limited to its real estate holdings.

  2. Patty Rigpa

    The only flaw with this assumption is that it will not be Thrangu monastery that will put a child on the throne, it will be Karmapa.

    That is, under the most unimpeded of circumstances.

    Here’s why that won’t happen too soon:

    There is a long line of important tulkus to install, Traleg, Tenga, are at the top of the list. Traleg, obviously will be an important tulku for Thrangu monastery. Then there is the Thrangu Rinpoche himself who’s health is in decline. Should he die first, the tulku of a khenpo will be less important to find than the political and financial “cash cow” of the main tulkus from said gompa.

    On top of this there is Karmapa’s own ambivalence about what KTD should be, a monastery for only Tibetans or a Museum, or God-forbid a seat in which western dharma students have access to the Karma Kagyu path. As long as Karmapa is unsure as to what the place should be about what is the likelihood of him finding the reincarnation of KKR and sending him here at a young age to be trained by Lama Karma (who by the way is not a Khenpo and thus will be limited in what he can authentically tutor KKR.2).

    It doesn’t add up.

    Obviously there will be no reinstallation of Bardor Tulku at KTD, that boat has let the port years ago.

    The truth of the matter is that it seems that one of the genius ideas of HHGK16 was to TRY to set up a monastery like KTD in the first place. This idea was radical, innovative and something new. It may be the case that circumstances on the ground changed in a way that made the experiment likely to fail. Remember, HHGK16 did the same thing in France and set up a monastery that was actually more rigorous and has produced western lamas that have been highly trained and serve very important roles as dharma teachers. The only thing was that they ended up on the other team, so to speak, on the issue of who the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa was going to be.

    My point is, the installation of a yangsi to preside over Karmapa’s monastery in the U.S. is very premature. Especially when he himself finds a hard time understanding its relevance. Having a North American seat that is a museum is a phenomenal waste of time and money.

    The one thing that all the Tibetans forget is that without an audience KTD will die a miserable slow death. They forget that in this day and age the marketplace dictates the terms.

    No real dharma being taught there? Don’t waste your time going there.

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