In the future there will be no Khenpo Karthar Yangsi for KTD

A reader commented, “In the future Ogyen Trinley Dorje will enthrone Khenpo Karthar’s Yangsi at KTD.”

When Khenpo Karthar passes Thrangu monastery with the approval of the Chinese Government will enthrone his reincarnation there.

“Just as with the forced conversion of Drukpa Monastaries by the Karma Kagyu sect there Ogyen Trinley Dorje will have nothing to do with this.”

Unlike as with the forced conversions of the Drukpa monasteries though nobody will take issue this happening..

“It’s a done deal.”

In August Khenpo Karthar will be returning to Thrangu Monastery.

“Since 1991 the restoration of Thrangu Monastery has been Rinpoche’s life’s work which is why he arranged for his nephew, Lama Karma to come here in the first place.”

It had nothing to do with KTD.

“Lama Karma’s sole purpose here has been to prepare for his future role as tutor of the child to be recognized and enthroned as his uncle’s reincarnation at Thrangu monastery.”

KTD is not a Tibetan monastery.

“At best, it is a museum. At worst, a tourist attraction.”

Since the 1991 repatriation of the Karma Kagyu sect to what once was Tibet its sole interest in America has been the real estate it holds here.

“Once Rinpoche passes KTD will continue as it has always done to serve the Chinese community here whom have been its sole financial support from the very beginning.”

In the future there will be no Khenpo Karthar Yangsi for KTD, ever.



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10 responses to “In the future there will be no Khenpo Karthar Yangsi for KTD

  1. Helen


    That’s quite a statement Bill!

  2. I’ve been to KTD and can verify it is not a museum or a tourist attraction. There are ongoing teachings and practices daily.

    However, I think the main issue is KTD should be crowded every day of the week with people practicing the dharma, but having it in such a remote place costs extensive money, which we don’t have, to practice there.

    I don’t know the context of the “museum” concept from the Karmapa. Maybe he was talking about the many statues downstairs below the bookstore.They do sell across the world. It definitely does not feel like a museum. Instead, it feels like a sacred space. It also reminds me a bit of church camp. (Don’t know if that’s good or bad.)

    The bigger issue is… Does our practice feel like a museum? I know my house is filled with dharma objects, which sit there and get dusty. Honestly, my practice is less about the dharma objects and more about an ongoing practice wherever I happen to be. I don’t connect to practicing with dharma objects, such as a damaru. Beating on my leg with my hand does just fine!


    • For Ogyen Trinley Dorje KTD is a museum.

      He doesn’t like the place.

      For the sake of comparison His Holiness liked Ringu Tulku’s institute when he visited Gernany last year.

      That was a fun trip for him.

      When it is all said and done though, while in America, His Holiness prefers to stay at his estate in New Jersey instead of his sect’s “Monastic seat” in Woodstock, New York.

      • okiebuddhist

        Interesting about New Jersey. Is there a home there? I’m not sure I’d want to sleep above a monastery. A bit confining.

  3. Helmut

    KKR will be leading a mahamudra retreat for Chinese only at the end of September!

    Gotta keep the land lords happy…

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