Breaking News-Ogyen Trinley Dorje to Stand Trial on Corruption Charges in India

A reader commented, “A judge in India has ordered Ogyen Trinley Dorje to stand trial for corruption.”

In 2012 the Indian government chose not to prosecute His Holiness.

“It gave him a clear chit.”

A judge was asked to drop the outstanding charges against Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

“He instead decided that the Karmapa must stand trial as charged.”

According to KTC Chicago’s current resident Lama, Sean Jones, His Holiness personally green lit its purchase of a building on his behalf in nearby Cicero.

“Sean would disagree but I find it hard to believe that his people would never do what they did without Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s explicit approval.”



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8 responses to “Breaking News-Ogyen Trinley Dorje to Stand Trial on Corruption Charges in India

  1. kennynamgyal

    The classic white collar crime defense – crazed, over zealous middle management. The execs had no idea what was going on …

    It’s possible.

    Though what’s interesting about this was the apparent loosening of restrictions around His Holiness in India – as much as his recent trip to the US wore him out, it seemed as though something new was happening.

    One step forward, two back – mishaps for sure, I feel right at home.

    • Wally

      Yes, the mishap lineage is prime Kagyu form. May it continue to be so. This is home, home on the razor’s edge.


  2. okiebuddhist

    A. Why is our leader not taking responsibility for his ethical conduct?

    B. Better yet, why haven’t I taken responsibility for my ethical conduct?

  3. Maurice

    Good to see democracy at work.
    If HH is convicted of the crime,
    how will that effect his overseas
    travel plans?

  4. Jane

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he fled back to China.

  5. Anthony

    Actually, this is not surprising. With the high level meetings with Modi in China recently, the “reopening” of the investigation of KARMAPA (the refugee number one son) is hardly surprising.

    I wonder what Modi will be (or already is) getting from Beijing…

    • Christian W

      Good point. Looks as if Karmapa is a game peice in the political/economic negotiations between India and China after all. This is why the Indian Govt has kept him on a short leash; whenever they can use him to their advantage the better.

      Throw Karmapa in jail, and you have a HUGE vulnerability within the transfer of power around the Dalai Lama. Who else but Karmapa can lead the Tibetan people in exile? Get rid of him and you deal a crippling blow to the pesky Tibetan ethic problem in China.

    • The question of politics between China and India is legit. It is also paranoid. Now that Shamar Rinpoche isn’t around anymore (he used to get the blame for everything, regardless of the question how he could ever have the political leverage), who can we blame? Again, the question of politics seems legit, but a transparent and honest organisation would be hard to get down in this way.

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