A Traleg Yangsi at Thrangu monastery validates China’s role in succession by reincarnation

A student of the late Traleg Rinpoche said, “A child’s life is about to change.”

He lives in Australia.

“Not just for the child.”

It will as if the late Traleg Rinpoche never made a life for himself there.



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7 responses to “A Traleg Yangsi at Thrangu monastery validates China’s role in succession by reincarnation

  1. okiebuddhist

    You’d think these beings would reincarnate as different ethnicities. Tibetan Buddhism belongs to Tibetans, until we begin to see rebiths across cultures.

    • In 1991 when Akong Rinpoche brokered a deal between his sect and the Chinese Government, the Tibetans of Tsurphu monastery got their Karmapa yangsi.

      The Karma Kagyu sect in exile was split on repatriating the succession to what was once Tibet.

      The Chinese got in return the right to put said child his throne at Tsurphu monastery.

      A return to business as usual for both parties.

      That a Yangsi is Tibetan, or some other ethnicity, is irrelevant.

      Succession by reincarnation is a Tibetan thing.

      What matters is the blow back we are seeing today from the deal struck in 1991 between the Karma Kagyu sect and the Chinese.

      Where does the Karmapa get his money.

      Chinese sources.

      This is no coincidence.

  2. “Now I will move away from your letter and present you with a question for reflection: if you use the political situation at the time of the 10th Karmapa to prove that the Dalai Lamas have the authority to recognize the Karmapas, you should also consider that from the time of the Great 5th Dalai Lama it has been obligatory that the reincarnations of the Dalai Lamas be approved by the Emperors of China. Setting the precedent that you attempt to do here, how will you prevent in the future, the Chinese government from claiming its historical right to recognize the Dalai Lamas?”
    June 2006
    Letter to Robert A. F. Thurman

    March 2015
    March 2015: “China Says It Will Decide Who the Dalai Lama Shall Be Reincarnated As”

    • Jackie

      Interesting to see the Tibetans giving China another chance with Penor & Traleg tulkus. It’s good for Tibetans in Tibet, China tourism, & the rich comrades in the Chinese government, I guess, but, like the Trungpa tulku, there’ll be no freedom to travel to the west unless the tulkus somehow escape.

      • Osel Karl

        I believe the Trungpa tulku has been “left” in Tibet by Shambala International. To have him in the West upsets all that they have worked to create since the death of the previous Trungpa.

        Secondarily, most Shambalians practice their own form of Buddhism, Shambala, not the Kagyu/Nyingma dharma that Trungpa practiced.

        • For the record the repatriation of the Trungpa succession to Surmang happened before Shambhala Buddhism was a thing and is on the Karma Kagyu sect which put the child on his throne there.

          Sumang got what it wanted.

          The Chinese Government got what it wanted.

          As did the Karma Kagyu sect.

          It would be as if the late Chogyam Trungpa never made a life for himself in the West.

  3. okiebuddhist

    Some Tibetans in China have received VISAS to teach in the U.S. I have no idea how KKR’s nephew from China/Tibet was able to make a trip to the U.S., but he did.

    Good behaviors do mean something to the Chinese. Behave well. Quid pro quo. And, there is a tiny amount of freedom for Tibetans.

    Having said that, I don’t thing Trungpa’s reincarnation will ever leave China. If he’s truly the reincarnated Trungpa consciousness, which I doubt, he has much to continue in his lineage. That requires living fully and facing the challenges of our realm.

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