Remember that time when the Mongols first occupied Tibet as China’s rulers

 Picture of Karma Pakshi, 1204-1283, the last Karmapa to have a beard

“If you know your history of the Gyalwa Karmapas of Tibet,” Jonathan says, “the Karma Kagyu sect’s repatriating the late Rangjung Rikpe Dorje to China makes perfect sense.”

“There’s a history between the Gyalwa Karmapa of Tibet and the rulers of China,” Jonathan continues, “that goes back to when the ruler of China hung Karma Pakshi by his beard in the 13th century.”

“That had to hurt,” Japhy replies, “but beside the point.”

Japhy pauses.

“Ogyen Trinley Dorje repatriating the late Traleg Rinpoche, a Diaspora Tibetan, to the very place he fled” Japhy continues “notwithstanding any historical precedent, it simply doesn’t feel right.”


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