The Karma Kagyu sect knew what it was doing in 1991 when it repatriated the late Karmapa to China 

  Picture of Ogyen Trinley Dorje after being recognized by China as the 17th Karmapa in 1991

“If in 1991 the Karma Kagyu sect was duped into repatriating the late Rangjung Rikpe Dorje to China,” Tenzin says, “this is the fault not of Tibetans but that of China’s rulers who obviously got the better of them.”

“We’ve no reason to believe that the Karma Kagyu sect was so duped in 1991,” Osel responds, “given the sect’s history with the rulers of China the Karma Kagyu sect knew exactly what it was doing at the time.”


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6 responses to “The Karma Kagyu sect knew what it was doing in 1991 when it repatriated the late Karmapa to China 

  1. Well, it would be naive to think Tibet knew nothing politically, even long before the 1950’s. Actually, I think it’s probably documented that Tibet knew of China’s intentions long before then. As with all political “debates,” whether they are made under duress or not, both parties come to agreements and are aware of what’s going on.

    Frankly, if you ask me, they aren’t ready for the liberation that we represent. It’s like taking a baby out of its swaddling cloth.

  2. okiebuddhist

    Perhaps the Karma Kagyu STILL know what they are doing.

    While it is true the Chinese can bulldozer over any religious institution, the Karma Kagyu and other sects have always struggled historically with a threat of extinction.

    This threat may feel more “real” now, but the oral and written lineage is safer now than it has ever been. What isn’t safe are cultural traditions, but I’d argue these cultural traditions do not lead a person to enlightenment.

    • thubten2001

      Well said. Is the lineage more threatened by exile or the maturing of a new generation of yangsis and their willingness to change. One of the experiences that convinced me to take a break from my Guru Lama was when he tried to convince me that the progressive ideas of yangsi Kalu Rinpoche were negative.

      • Osel Karl

        Thubten, several years ago I was eating in a dining hall for the teachers at the monastery of a very senior lineage holder. Yangsi Kalu Rinpoche’s story of his being abused was rather fresh. When i asked my lunch mates what the thought of him the reactions were so strong that I though a brawl was going to ensue.

        At the end of the day most present felt that Kalu Rinpoche had been an embarassment, that he was wrong for criticizing the system”

        • Osel Karl

          And that his “problem” was not real.

          These Tibetans are very scared of change and very scared of open debate that might bring fresh air to parts of our tradition that have begun to rot.

  3. Is it safe or is it just a case of “Live to fight another day?”

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