Despite money laundering and tax evasion charges Karmapa to visit Germany

Picture of what may await Ogyen Trinley Dorje upon his return to India if found guilty of money laundering and tax evasion 

“When I lived in India a German friend of mine was notorious for speaking out against corruption in our respective monasteries,” Osel says, “much to the chagrin of those Tibetans that failed to appreciate her doing so, not that it stopped her.”

“My wife and I had a friend from Bremen visit the other evening,” Japhy replies, “I’m surprised Ogyen Trinley Dorje is even being allowed to visit Germany given the German attitude about the rule of law.”

“Germans as a rule take issue with people who launder money and evade paying their taxes,” Japhy continues, “what Ogyen Trinley Dorje has been charged of doing in India.”

“I would assume that most Germans would have a hard time relating to the way Tibetans bend the rules,” Osel continues, “I just hope this time the Kamalashila Institute reserved enough seats, and not just at the sponsor and corporate sponsor level like last time.”


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One response to “Despite money laundering and tax evasion charges Karmapa to visit Germany

  1. Osel Karl

    If Karmapa were to end up in jail we would return to our proper seat as the karma kagyu. It would be as if Karmapa were living out Karma Pakshi’s story as the ultimate guru yoga (one which his predecessor gave his Smerican heart-children).

    These fancy gilt thrones, private jets and fancy hotels only corrupt who we really are.

    May we return to the days of Karma Pakshi and forego the construct of the dharmaraja!


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