The Buddhism of Diaspora Tibetans is ours to pass on to future generations 

A picture of Trungpa as he was with us, a Rinpoche unique to the diaspora which made him so

“The assumption was that there were more where Trungpa came from.”

Janet recalls.

“A lineage of Rinpoches to come to teach us in the future.”

Janet adds.

“Imagine our surprise to realize that our diaspora Rinpoches proved more precious than we had ever imagined.”

Janet pauses.

“That there would be no such Tibetans to follow in their footsteps to teach us as they did when we were young men and women new to the dharma.”



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13 responses to “The Buddhism of Diaspora Tibetans is ours to pass on to future generations 

  1. Osel Karl

    There is always Lama Karma…

    • He holds Khenpo Karthar’s Tibetan Thrangu monastery lineage, all that he took from his life pre-diaspora.

      He’s a post-diaspora Tibetan.

      He once told me that whatever Rinpoche tells him is scripture.

      I’m a afraid that If you want the Buddhism of a diaspora Rinpoche you need to reach out to a baby boomer, such as the above character I have shared here.

  2. Osel Karl

    Well, then perhaps the future Dorje Loppon of KTD isn’t precious after all. Nepotism doesn’t count as precious, right?

    • He isn’t to those of us who were actually students of Khenpo Karthar back when it was just Rinpoche and Ngodrup his translator teaching us in our living room sanghas gratis, no strings attached.

      He’s Khenpo Karthar’s nephew sent here from Thrangu monastery in occupied Tibet to repatriate Rinpoche’s legacy there after
      he passes away.

      • Osel Karl

        The day he ascends the throne is nearing. Soon Lama Karma will be vajra master for Karmapa’s North American Seat!

        All the old ones will prostrate to the young one!

          • Osel Karl

            To each his own.

            I agree that Lama Karma is a cheap imitation of KKR.

            • In fairness to the guy he’s doing his best, given his circumstances.

              He was raised for this since childhood.

              It isn’t what my generation is about, we really don’t care about his credentials.

              Trungpa warned us about people like him.

              He has an incredible memory but beyond that he is no original thinker, which is what made Khenpo Karthar so remarkable, his ability to go with our flow, as if he was born to teach us, which back then involved him listening to us in excruciating detail going on and on about ourselves.

              He’d seize upon a teachable moment and point out the true nature of our minds, a la Khenpo Gangshar.

              It could be anything.

              A look.

              A look not given.

              This is what guru yoga was about for my generation.

              Lama Karma has none of this kind of mojo going at this point, but then I’ve only spent a weekend with him.

              I gladly received an empowerment I wanted from him.

              It’s not like I have a beef with him personally.

  3. Osel Karl

    I hear you.

    And, yes, this isn’t about a personal beef with Lama Karma.

    As you say, he’s been raised for this. There isn’t any question about it.

    It’s an issue of pedagogical dynamics in relation to nepotism. That’s all.

    From what I hear, Lama Karma is a swell guy.

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