With Khenpo Karthar as your guru you learn to make allowances for 

Picture of Khenpo Karthar with favorite which of course turned us all against her as a matter of principle almost

“With Khenpo Karthar,” Emily says, “I learned to make allowances.”

Emily continues.

“For the sake of the journey we had chosen to embark upon together as guru and disciple.”

Emily adds.

“Allowances which allowed him to take advantage of my weaknesses, as part of this most singular of relationship we were involved in, I otherwise denied all but him, my guru, as such.”

“If Khenpo Karthar was my parent, my spouse, my child, I wouldn’t have so indulged his being so clueless, for lack of a better word.”



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2 responses to “With Khenpo Karthar as your guru you learn to make allowances for 

  1. Osel Karl

    They say the lama is the most important. More important than the Buddha, because without her we would never connect with the dharma.

    Some people take this a little too far and let their human embodiment and the garland of human relationships that form the interdependent matrix of our being suffer. For these people nothing compares to the lama; as such their practice only goes so far because they fail to realize that everything, even the air we breath is really the lama.

  2. Gerd

    After our Mandala failed as we self-hypnotized us to see ordinary Lamas as Buddhas (and almost lost faith in Buddha when their defects became evident) a Rinpoche explained us that to see the Lama as Buddha should be applied only to high Bodhisattvas “such as Trushik Rinpoche or Lama Gendün Rinpoche.” Since then we are better.

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