Germans unhappy with Karmapa 2015’s high priced ticketed events and exclusive audiences

Picture of a smiling Ogyen Trinley Dorje after arriving in Germany on his private jet to make it rain Euros for his Karmapa Foundation

“This is no time for Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s high priced ticketed teachings and private audiences with rich people.”

So says Angela.



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17 responses to “Germans unhappy with Karmapa 2015’s high priced ticketed events and exclusive audiences

  1. Osel Karl

    For what it’s worth I have a feeling HHGK17 doesn’t know how high the entrance fees are. And I imagine that all of the non-public events that are invitation only are for the benefit of his handlers and their constituents.

    As Americans we can blame Ricky, our Rebel Buddha who has done little to peddle his influence, whatever tat might

    • Osel Karl

      Whatever that might be…

      • What’s the rub with what Ponlop Rinpoche did, as you see it?

        You seem preoccupied with him, more so than usual.

        I’m curious.

        Feel free to vent.

        A couple of years ago when a friend of mine turned 50 he too went through the very same mid life crisis that Rinpoche appears to be going through.

        He moved out to California, hooked up with a young woman, and became a father for the first time, which is basically what Dzogchen Ponlop has done.

        So this is where the guy is at, for better or for worse.

        It appears that Rinpoche is into it for what it is.

        He’s a husband and a father, better late than ever.

        Another friend of mine recently got married for the first time at the age of sixty to a woman twenty years younger than him.

        Shit happens.

        I’m actually happy for Ponlop Rinpoche.

        Knowing this explains his going with Rebel Buddha as the title of his most recent book.

        He’s no rebel.

        That being said he was obviously in a rebellion himself against what people expect of him while writing his last book as Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche as such.

        We can’t ever go back to thinking of Rinpoche as we did before learning of what he has done.

        All that remains is to see how this plays out for him on the ground in Seattle and his peers in the Buddhist chattering class as such.

        • Osel Karl

          No skin off my back.

          Just want him to be seen honestly- midlife crisis or whatever may be going on…

          …that’s not my concern.

          I’m more concerned with honest transparency…

          • I’d like to know what he hoped to accomplish with the name change.

            If he wanted to keep what he had done on the down low, he failed.

            It looks like he had something to hide.

            Was he attempting to hide his marrying a Taiwanese woman from Tibetans?

            Or was he trying to hide from us that he hooked up with a younger woman and had a child with her for fear of the blowback from the Buddhist chattering class in the event it isn’t well received here?

  2. okiebuddhist

    I wonder how much the “other” Karmapa charges for his teachings. Has anybody gone to Trinley Thaye Dorje’s White Tara empowerment.

    And I’m not here to begin an argument on who is or isn’t the Karmapa. You either find your guru in one, the other, or, in my opinion, both.

    Everybody trained in the dharma, including crooks, teach us something about the mind.

    • tenzin

      Well said, too bad folks that the dharma has a price now.

    • In Dhagpo it was 25.- a day, I think, at Ole’s center 35-50.- but with food and free camping… I didn’t go to Bonn due to the high price, but I was curious to see “the other Karmapa” Ogyen Trinle.. all best to all

    • Blinde Schildpad

      No idea about the Diamondway shindig in Germany, but I was at Dhagpo. I can quote the prices per day from my sign up form (bearing in mind this is not what HH Thaye Dorje personally charges, just as the Bonn prices aren’t likely to have been micromanaged by His Holiness Orgyen Trinley):

      Teaching attendance: € 27 ($30)
      Lunch: €3.50-€7.00 (depending on self-declared income)
      Dinner: €3.00-€6.00
      Camping: €3.20-€5.80

      The program included a very extensive consecration of the newly built temple/institute, teachings on refuge and bodhisattva vows and bestowal of the same, Chenrezig abhisheka, communal practice with His Holiness of the Chenrezig Sadhana and on the final day Milarepa guru yoga with tsok (Yes, they managed to distribute tsok to about 1000 people.) with chanting of Calling the Lamas from Afar and Rebirth Prayers for Shamar Rinpoche. In the evenings there were teachings with Khenpo Chödrak Tenphel Rinpoche and Söponla Tsültrim Namgyal, the attendant to both the 16th and 17th Karmapas. His Holiness thaught in fluent English (including an extended metaphor for practice about his attempts to bake bread with the guidance of YouTube clips, resulting in “the world’s soggiest croissant” when he decided he didn’t need to follow the recipe that closely), capably translated into French by Karma Trinlay Rinpoche.

      All in all, I’m not particularly worried about the future of the side of the lineage my teachers, including HH Thaye Dorje (with or without a Special Hat), happen to mostly be in…

      • okiebuddhist

        Thanks for your post. It appears that HH Thaye Dorje is providing a fair and equitable price.

        The handlers of HH Orgyen Trinley Dorje need to resign! Or, OTD needs to FIRE them.

        I don’t recall reading anywhere about the 16th Karmapa charging ridiculous prices or selling dharma to the highest bidder as this “side” of the lineage has done repeatedly in the U.S. and elsewhere.

        I say this all as a devoted student to OTD.

  3. I really don’t care if they charge or not, just how they present it. If they want to say we have to treat them as a guru, and hold them above ourselves in high, unconditional and unquestioning regard, they better darn well behave accordingly… and not like teenage amish misfits.

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