Europeans balk at Ogyen Trinley Dorje making it rain Euros for his Karmapa foundation 

Picture of Thaye Dorje who unlike Ogyen Trinley Dorje doesn’t have to raise a shit load of money under the guise of teaching the dharma

“Even the most egalitarian minded among us have over the years come to turn a blind eye to Ogyen Trinley Dorje raising money here under the guise of teaching the dharma.”

So says Bonnie.

Werner replies.

“Obviously, Thaye Dorje by comparison, doesn’t have the beaks back in India to keep wet back that Ogyen Trinley Dorje does.”

Werner continues.

“Whereas Ogyen Trinley Dorje has to raise money while abroad under the guise of teaching the dharma Thaye Dorje, by comparison, is free to teach here in Europe unencumbered by such concerns.”



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4 responses to “Europeans balk at Ogyen Trinley Dorje making it rain Euros for his Karmapa foundation 

    • Blinde Schildpad

      Actually, having his rank and file culled might be the best thing to ever happen to HH Orgyen Trinley. He sounded so sad in his birthday letter. I bet he would love to have some of the freedom HH Thaye Dorje has (who, I have heard, slips out of the robes occasionaly to go out for pizza in Delhi). As it is though, he’ll have to live with being the Ganden Karmapa, with all that entails. No disrespect to the Gelugpas or HH the Dalai Lama, but that ain’t no place for a holder of the Practice Lineage…

      • I hate to compare the Karmapa to Michael Jackson, but there is a distinct similarity of losing one’s childhood to fame. The current Kalu Rinpoche avoided this issue and recently got inked with, I believe, the mantra of Green Tara. Imagine the Karmapa getting inked! Imagine the Karmapa not feeling this enormous amount of responsibility. When he came to the U.S. and visited Disneyland, it was a bit of controversy, but I sort of view it from the positive perspective. For the Karmapa to solidify himself as the Karmapa, there has to be enough space for him to express himself. That is my limited perception, though.

        • The New Yorker earlier this year describe Ogyen Trinley Dorje to the Justin Bieber of Buddhism.

          He’s a celebrity, famous for being famous, not for his being a Buddhist teacher as such.

          He’s the reincarnation of his predecessor, Rangjung Dorje.

          Nobody believes such nonsense in the 21st century.

          Thus, the interest in seeing the conceit that he is what he is not come crashing down on his head, or not, the drama of it all.

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