Thank you, Virginia, for playing “What’s up with Ponlop!”

Picture of Ponlop Rinpoche, founder of Buddhist start up, Nalandabodhi, in the news for severing its relationship with a member who wrote something negative about it on Huffington Post

“So on May 15, 2015 this guy talks shit about Nalandabodhi on Huffington Post.”

Waylon continues.

“Fast forward to July 28, 2015.”

Waylon adds.

“Wait for it.”

Virginia responds.

“He gets a call from Kris Shaw severing his relationship with Nalandabodhi!”

Waylon responds.

“We have a winner!”

End scene. Fini.



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9 responses to “Thank you, Virginia, for playing “What’s up with Ponlop!”

  1. Tenzin

    A start up or and up start?

    That’s no way for a representative of a rebel Buddha to act.

    What gives, Mr Shaw?

  2. Tina

    If you are talking about the Editor of Elephant Journal, this is a great article:

    It seems that Rinpoche is reaping the health benefits of a healthy relationship with intimacy!

  3. Élan

    As we say in Israel: it takes a special set of circumstances for the prepared meet of the master’s instructions to be inserted into the soft dumpling of the student’s devotion.

    What I am most curious about, and completely unsure of is whether Ponlop’s wives started out as his students.

    These days ethics surrounding the guru and sexual abuse of power, or sexual ethics as it were is very popular.

  4. Jane

    Nalandabodhi can no longer control the script of this Buddhist drama. Fail they will.

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