Let’s talk about prostrations then

Picture of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso, a Rinpoche who at first had his students do prostrations but after seeing how we did them decided to see what we are made of by challenging us intellectually instead

“After my heart attack Rinpoche didn’t want me to prostrate to him.”

Eric continues.

“For thirty years we’d done this thing with him objecting to my prostrating to him and me over his objections prostrating myself at his feet anyway.”

Eric pauses.

“This time he meant it though.”

Eric continues.

“I just couldn’t bring myself to not take advantage of the opportunity to prostrate before my guru though.”

Jade replies.

“Thankfully, it obviously did not kill you.”

Jade adds.

“That is not how these people who do the prostrations around the stupa, prostrate, no?”

Jade continues.

“It’s a transaction between themselves and a higher power, I think, as it appears to my perspective, Western, yes, but mine all the same.”

End scene. Fini.

A presentation of the Naropa Prairie Dog Players for you entertainment pleasure



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7 responses to “Let’s talk about prostrations then

  1. okiebuddhist

    Now you have a better argument, I think, of why a Stupa should not be built in Chicago area. I have seen videos of Tibetans prostrating to water before they remove the salt from it. The entire concept of prostration, then, becomes a method to appease the god instead of recognizing the emptiness taught in the Mahayana and mahamudra teachings.

    • The Naropa Prairie Dog Players are simply emoting here for your entertainment,

      The topic is prostrations.

      We have two takes on the subject.

      Nobody is arguing anything in this scene.

      • okiebuddhist

        I am a rhetorician. Everything is an argument in the relative sense. Nevertheless, I know many lay Chinese Buddhists whom I have met over the years. Some talk about Buddha like a God. Others have discussed going to heaven or hell depending on one’s standing in the world. I cannot tell the difference in some regards between Buddhism and Christianity for some Chinese. However, other Chinese have told me completely opposite ideas; they tend to be more Chan/Zen oriented and don’t discuss the afterlife concept of some Chinese Buddhists.

        Dance along!

  2. Khenpo Ati

    Illinois launches Chinese-language broadcasts of football games – the guardian https://apple.news/Ap73aXSVRSo-F0r_e9wkL9A

  3. Fred

    Hahaha. Amazing timing.

    Perhaps this larger Chinese invasion is here to stay.

    Bill, I hear the noise these “prarie dogs” are giving you, and I think you are doing a fine job.

    Keep on keeping on!

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