Owning the mishaps of the mishap lineage is who we are as Buddhists in the West

A picture of those lineage holders whom we visualize when we do our Ngondro, the mishap lineage, whom we own, as they appear to us, for better or for worse, as part of our process as Buddhists

“The more I learn of the Karma Kagyu sect’s history.”

Sally continues.

“The less I want to associate myself with these people as a Buddhist.”

Caroline replies.

“The sect, these people, aren’t the lineage.”

Caroline continues.

“We live in the appearance of things, which includes the machinations of these people with whom we so take issue with.”

Caroline adds.

“All of which we in turn bring to our practice, specifically our practice of ngondro, when we visualize lineage holders past, thankfully, none alive today, the lineage in which we take refuge in as such.”

End scene. Fini.

A teachable moment brought to you by the Naropa Prairie Dog Players for your entertainment pleasure.



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5 responses to “Owning the mishaps of the mishap lineage is who we are as Buddhists in the West

  1. okiebuddhist

    There is much to consider in the refuge tree. Not only the mahamudra masters but also the teachings, the dharma, the people taking refuge with us, the struggle to pass down the lineages, the crazy wisdom of the teachers, the dissolution into empty space, the realization, the beginning of realization, and so much more.

    So much is happening as we bring our problems to the tree. If we leave our problems at the door, I don’t think ngondro works that well.

    • For instance, a favorite contemplation of mine is that for every Karmapa, other than the first and second, there was a Karmapa Yangsi.

      Given that there can be but one Karmapa, I assume that for every Karmapa Yangsi there was a rival Yangsi murdered or their family bought off to guarantee that the be only one Karmapa.

      • Sara

        Then there is the likely high number of lineage holders on that tree who may have been sexually abused in the monastic culture of Tibet like Yangsi Kalu Rinpoche.

        Mishap lineage indeed!

        • As children all but the first and second Karmapa were taken from their parents to be trafficked by the Karma Kagyu sect to perpetuate itself in the name of preserving the dharma.

          The more you can bring to your practice the better your practice will serve you when the next mishap becomes an issue for you as such.

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