Khenpo Karthar’s nephew Lama Karma is no Buddhist teacher

A picture of Khenpo Karthar and his nephew, lama Karma, KTD’s organ grinder and his monkey whom Rinpoche has foisted upon us, a factotum of the Karma Kagyu sect, in lieu of a teacher whom we can be proud to associate ourselves with as Buddhists

“So let’s say I don’t just cut bait on the Karma Kagyu lineage as so many before me have done over the past thirty years here.”

Sally continues.

“I think it’s utter bullshit that the Karma Kagyu sect hasn’t a single Buddhist teacher here that we can call our own and take pride in doing so.”

Caroline replies.

“It’s depressing but true, not a single person Khenpo Karthar deems qualified to teach, is a Buddhist teacher with something to teach us in their own right.”

End scene. Fini.

A teachable moment from the Naropa Prairie Dog Players for your entertainment pleasure.



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8 responses to “Khenpo Karthar’s nephew Lama Karma is no Buddhist teacher

  1. kennynamgyal

    “Blanket statements, such as this, never sit well with me. ”

    Larry interjects.

    “That there are no teachers in the Karma Kagyu we can call our own is a bit of hyperbole – I have had very good experiences with people coming out of retreat with Lama Norlha Rinpoche.”

    • Not Karma Kagyu. Check out your facts. Shangpa.

      • kennynamgyal

        I am pretty sure Rinpoche would take umbrage at being excluded from the Karma Kagyu.

        It was Rinpoche who have me my refuge name.

        Would we say the late Kalu Rinpoche carried only the Shangpa lineage?

        • Bottom line, the dialogue is quite specific in regards to its subject, the Karma Kagyu sect.

          You are conflating sect with lineage.

          This piece is about the Karma Kagyu sect, specifically Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s monastic seat, KTD, and not Lama Norlha who has nothing to do with these people.

    • The dialogue is quite specific in being about KTD’s lamas.

      Of all the lamas Khenpo Karthar has given robes not a single person whom he deemed qualified is a Buddhist teacher in their own right.

      • kennynamgyal

        Sally doesn’t read that way. She seems to take quite a broad view.

        While Caroline does speak specifically of KTD – The dialog reads much broader, IMO.

      • kennynamgyal

        “But, Sally, perhaps you don’t view Rinpoche as part of the corruption of the Karma Kagyu and KTD. Fair enough, maybe we are conflating lineage and sect, but with that division, why cut bait on the lineage?”

        • The character’s words, the sentiment, speaks for itself as such.

          There’s nothing to accept or reject,

          Okie himself, his comments posted here, inspired this dialogue.

          Good stuff.

          I’ve heard it before.

          I stand by the authenticity of the sentiment expressed by the character.

          Surely th

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