Pulp Buddhism: It’s a Saturday afternoon at the Paper Machete in the Green Mill, Chicago, Illinois…

I want to thank everyone that has played along with me here over the past couple months as I have used this space to get into the heads of my characters, Allen and Jonathan, the devil and his advocate, whom in chapter one of my novel’s opening scene I have placed at Paper Machete, a thing on the Uptown scene that happens every Saturday.

I had been waiting to get back from New Orleans, where summer ends later than here in Chicago.

I’m back in Chicago and it alteady feels like Winter to me.

Anyway, I hate to break character, but I had to earlier here in the comments section, someone had come up with the wrong end of the stick, which happens.

I usually just delete the comment but I’m not of the mind to be deleting comments at the momment.

How about those Cub’s, eh?



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