Enter Pulp Buddhism’s, Ryder Japhy, MC, Naropa Prairie Dog Players

Picture taken this morning of me, aka Bill, the publisher of this blog in the role of “Ryder Japhy,” the narrator of the novel, Pulp Buddhism, which you have hopefully figured out by this point is what this blog at present, these dialogues, such as they are, and the characters that speak them, the Naropa Prairie Dog Players, the whole kit and kaboodle, is a fiction, and this being but one of many layers of fiction you have already had to parce over the past decade, yes, we go back to MySpace some of us, it has been almost ten years already since the character Ryder Japhy dropped on what we today call social media, but I digress

Well, I apologize for the long winded introduction, I am Ryder Japhy, and I will be using this space to develop the back stories of the characters played by the Naropa Prairie Dog players and to pass on any miscellany that the author wants to examine here.

Other than that, on a personal note, not much is new here, my wife Babs and I are doing our day of beauty, which today will take us out to Barrington, IL.

I’m letting my beard grow after trimming it for my son’s wedding earlier this month in New Orleans, LA, where he has lived since before Katrina.

Babs, that’s another story.

To summarize where we are at with the dialogue portion of our fiction, we have Virginia and Karl talking about that time their living room was a Tibetan Buddhist meditation center.

I kid you not.

They were living over in Rogers Park on Bosworth Avenue just south of Sullivan High School, as I recall.

End scene. Fini.

a teachable moment brought to you by the Naropa Prairie Dog Players for your entertainment pleasure.


Picture of Ryder Japhy’s bowler hat at the local pub, his wife Bab’s day at the salon, has left him with some free time to burn


No day of beauty is complete without Japhy visiting Starbucks while Bab’s gets her hair done

Picture taken this afternoon in Downtown Barrington, IL



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