In terms of Mahamudra does this make Drake the root guru or a Vajra master?

The old man googled Drake, this isn’t the Drake being discussed here, but that didn’t dissuade him from Instagraming this photo of the infamous Elizabethan privateer, speaking of mêmes, for those of you that have yet to check out yesterday’s episode of Pulp Buddhism on Tinfoil Ushnisha

So the old man googled sentient même this morning and found the following comment posted on the Internet by someone who calls themselves lifechild on Sun, 08/23/2009 – 9:56pm.

Why not?

He knows that Même is French, as in de même, the same.

A Buddhist, he’s thinking sentient being, one of countless beings he can’t stand the thought of not liberating from that which they suffer.

Blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, it’s all in our heads, as his guru taught him.

That includes Rinpoche himself.

It’s all in your head.

Moving on, here’s what he found.

This is either cool or scary, depending on one’s frame of mind I suppose. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of sentient memes, or to simplify, a sort of self-aware viral idea. Imagine a religion, or a commercial, or a catchy tune either becoming self-aware or perhaps just riding on our self-awareness and stealing our brains to do their thinking. In other words, are we using our ideas, or are they using us, or perhaps both?

Allen replies.

“You know what this mêmes, I mean, means.”

Allen continues.

“Everything the old man has ever said online, going back to MySpace, lives on.”


Which is consistent with the Buddhist idea of Karma.

As the old man likes to think, the Internet, like the true of the mind, is empty, luminous, and capable of anything.

Sally replies.

“What does that make Drake in this context?”

Sally continues.

“Either the root guru or the Vajra master.

Jonathan replies.

“I assume we are not talking about the infamous Elizabethan Privateer.”

Sally adds.

“Google it.”

That’s enough, I’m out.

It’s a bye week for the Bears and I’m intent on getting out of the house today.

It’s sunny.

Enjoy it while it lasts, winter is coming.

End scene. Fini.

Another episode of Pulp Buddhism brought to you by the Naropa Prairie Dog Players and by viewers like you, thank you for your support.


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