Black Lives Matter, practice makes perfect…

Picture of a Black Lives Matters protester the old man instagramed to illustrate this episode of Pulp Buddhism in which the Naropa Prairie Dog Players discuss the hot topic for yesterday’s Thanksgiving dinner…

Caroline begins.

“I’ll be the relative that wants you to say something Buddhist.”

Sally replies.

“You can’t even say it.”

Caroline continues.

Black lives matter.”

Sally replies.

“Try to say it like you aren’t Ron Burgundy in Anchorman reading a teleprompter.”

Allen adds.

“Did you know that character was based on Chicago’s very own, Bill Curtis.”

Jonathan replies.

“Is this our version of noble silence?”

Virginia replies.

“I’m lama, I have no opinion.”

Karl replies.

“If KTD wants you to have an opinion they will email you one.”

Sally replies.

“What is the Buddhist response to this issue of the day?”

Caroline replies.

“The opposite of whatever my brother-in-law has to say about anything to do with race.”

Allen replies.

“Good call.”

Caroline replies.
“Black lives matter.”

Sally replies.

“Practice makes perfect.”

End scene. Fini.

Another episode of Pulp Buddhism brought to you by the Naropa Prairie Dog Players and by viewers like you, thank you for your support.



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5 responses to “Black Lives Matter, practice makes perfect…

  1. Phil

    What has KKR said about this new chapter in the civil rights movement?

    Probably nothing.

    What do Tibetans care about black people?

    Never seen one at KTD…

    • Virginia replies.

      “Is anyone who knows Rinpoche surprised that this isn’t a thing for him?”

      • Tiffany

        So there’s no home for the person of color at KTD?

        What about the lineage as a whole?

        The only brown faces I see at Monlam are the Indian laborers who are hired to man the joint. Not many brown people actually reciting prayers.

        • Virginia replies.

          “KTD doesn’t discriminate against people of color.”
          Sally replies.

          “That isn’t the issue though in 2015.”

          Caroline replies.

          “KTD isn’t the Karma Kagyu lineage.”

          Jonathan replies.

          “It’s a property owned by a faction of a sect of Tibetan Buddhism which supports China’s occupation of Tibet.”

          Virginia replies.

          “So says you.”

          “The lineage is not a thing.”

          Allen replies.

          “Well played.”

          Sally replies.

          “This isn’t a game.”

          Virginia replies.

          “Did you watch the Black Lives Matters protest on TV yesterday?”

          Virginia continues.

          “The entire event played out on live television.”

          Allen replies.

          “Like a game.”

          Virginia replies.

          “Well, Tibetans have no skin in this game.”

          Sally replies.

          “We aren’t Tibetans though.”

  2. Great episode. Laughed, cringed, cared, didn’t, no mention of turkey, yet I can still taste it. Thankful for you and your work

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