The first Karmapa and the first Karma Kagyu, our origin story as Buddhists…

Picture of Tsurphu Monastery the old man instagramed to illustrate this episode of Pulp Buddhism in which the Naropa Prairie Dog Players discuss the first Karmapa and the guru yoga, such as it was, of the first Karma Kagyu…

Jonathan begins.

“Once upon a time there was a place which we today call Tsurphu monastery.”

Jonathan continues.

“Where how we today practice guru yoga as Karma Kagyu began.”

Caroline replies.

“This is the origin story of who we are as Buddhists.”

Caroline adds.

“How we do guru yoga.”

Sally replies.

“What kind of disciple was the first Karma Kagyu?”

Caroline replies.

“The first Karma Kagyu is best known for what he did after the first Karmapa died.”

Jonathan replies.

“Tsurphu, such as it was at the time, became his as his teacher’s successor.”

Sally replies.

“Did this person have a name.”

Caroline replies.

“Drogon Rechenpa.”

Jonathan replies.

“As the story goes the first Karmapa entrusted Drogon Rechenpa with the necessary details to recognize his successor.”

Caroline replies.

“The first Karmapa was not to be succeeded by the first Karma kagyu.”

Jonathan replies.

“His Holiness had something else in mind.”

Caroline replies.

“The first Karmapa had decided that after he died he would return.”

Jonathan adds.

“His Holiness had seen the circumstances of his future rebirth.”

Caroline continues.

“And the first Karma Kagyu was instructed to fetch him when the time came.”

Sally replies.

“Did he?”

Jonathan replies.


Sally replies.

“I’m confused.”

Caroline replies.

“And this is how we practice guru yoga to this very day as Karma Kagyu.”

End scene. Fini.

Another episode of Pulp Buddhism brought to you by the Naropa Prairie Dog Players and by viewers like you, thank you for your support.



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6 responses to “The first Karmapa and the first Karma Kagyu, our origin story as Buddhists…

  1. Georgia

    I choose to believe that Tibetans are culturally and perhaps even genetically unable to engage in the subterfuge that you claim when on back then.

    Karmapa was enlightened. He still is.

    Drogon Rechenpa was enlightened. Tai Situpa still is.

    The gentle compassion of this lineage if enlightened masters us why you yourself have access to the dharma. In a certain way, you owe them a debt of gratitude.

    This gibberish is hardly the way a grateful son repays a selfless parent. But this is not surprising as our western values of cynicism and desire for fame ruin everything.

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