Is this who we are as Buddhists? The thing with Ole Nydhal and Muslims

Picture of Ole Nydhal the old man instagramed to illustrate this episode of Pulp Buddhism in which the Naropa Prairie Dog Players discuss the issues Karma Kagyu in Europe have with Muslims…

Caroline begins.

“All things vajrayana, not unlike politics, are local.”

Jonathan replies.

“Home is where the heart is.”

Caroline continues.

“There is no denying Ole Nydhal has an issue with foreigners.”

Jonathan replies.

“People from Muslim countries living where he lives.”

Virginia replies.

“I never liked Ole Nydhal.”

Karl replies.

“Him being a foreigner here.”

Virginia replies.

“I can actually say that I hated this guy before it became a thing of us.”

Caroline replies.

“I wasn’t a big fan of how he treated women either.”

Sally replies.

“How was that?”

Jonathan replies.


Caroline replies.

“He had this 1970’s cult leader thing going on at the time.

Jonathan replies.

“He had a European attitude towards his sexuality.”

Allen replies.

“We are who we are.”

Sally replies.

“How ironic.”

Sally continues.

“So this guy takes exception to how Muslim men treat their women?”

Jonathan replies.

“That appears to be his latest thing.”

Sally replies.

“How’s that working out for him as a Karma Kagyu though?”

Jonathan replies.

“Well, in Germany Buddhists took issue with his views about Muslims.”

Allen replies.

“I want to see how this plays out in France.”

Allen replies.

“As an American I know their hatred of Muslims.”

Allen continues.

“I went there myself after 9/11.”

Jonathan replies.

“In your own way.”

Allen pauses.

“I still struggle with how I feel about Muslims.”

Jonathan replies.

“Naturally so.”

Caroline replies.

“All we can do is own it.”

Caroline pauses.

“And let it go.”

Caroline continues.

“Repeat as necessary.”

Allen replies.

“That’s what I do as a Buddhist.”

Virginia replies.

“You say that like it’s a good thing.”

Virginia pauses.

“Just don’t go there in the first place.”

Virginia continues.

“That’s the ticket.”

End scene. Fini.

Another episode of Pulp Buddhism brought to you by the Naropa Prairie Dog Players and by viewers like you, thank you for your support.


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One response to “Is this who we are as Buddhists? The thing with Ole Nydhal and Muslims

  1. Diane

    I don’t struggle with the way I feel about Muslims, I hate myself and prostrate at the feet of a Tibetan who isn’t to keen on me either.

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