What did Diamondway Buddhism do to piss off Wikileaks?

Picture of Diamondway Buddhism’s current home here in Chocago the old man instagramed to illustrate this episode of Pulp Buddhism in which the Naropa Prairie Dog Players discuss the organization’s problem with Muslims…

Sally begins.

“This summer, according to the European Buddhist Union, Ole Nydhal received the UNESCO award for Dialogue, Coexistence and Peace.”

Sally continues.

“On the other hand according to Wikileaks Diamondway Buddhism is a cult, their word, with a problem with Islam.”

Allen replies.

“I went to a talk, this was years ago at the Diamondway center here and remember thinking it odd to have a Buddhist teacher in America talking about Muslims in the middle of a dharma talk,”

Allen continues.

“And what was being taught had nothing to do with dialogue, coexistence and peace.”

Sally replies.

“You actually visited a Diamondway center?”

Allen replies.

“Nothing is outside the scope of my practice.”

Allen continues.

“It is no more a cult than KTD based on my experience.”

Virginia replies.

“KTD isn’t a cult.”

Allen replies.

“If KTD isn’t a cult then neither is Diamondway Buddhism.”

Virginia replies.

“Ole Nydhal is a cult leader if ever there was one.”

Sally replies.

“I’m baffled by this award business.”

Allen replies.

“I’m not, based on my time spent in Europe bumming around the place since I was a kid.”

Allen pauses.

“I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.”

Caroline replies.

“The mind is empty, luminous, and capable of anything.”

Allen continues.

“Appearance-emptiness, the appearance of things, apparently existent but with no basis in reality.”

Virginia replies.

“Good luck with that.”

Allen replies.

“My being a Buddhist doesn’t make me any different than the person I otherwise am.”

Allen continues.

“That Ole Nydhal, this 72 year old white, male, European doesn’t like Muslims comes as no surprise to me.”

Sally replies.

“That’s one way to look at it.”

Sally continues.

“But why does nobody call him out on his being a bigoted old man?”

Allen replies.

“It’s a cult thing.”

Jonathan replies.

“Cult-like behavior is hardly unique to Diamondway Buddhism.”

Jonathan continues.

“All of which brings us back to Diamondway Buddhism’s problem with Muslims.”

End scene. Fini.

Another episode of Pulp Buddhism brought to you by the Naropa Prairie Dog Players and by viewers like you, thank you for your support.



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14 responses to “What did Diamondway Buddhism do to piss off Wikileaks?

  1. Chris

    He’s a mahamudra teacher:

  2. Derval

    True. But it’s pathetic that he can do it and none of the KTD lamas can. They can’t even tie their shoelaces by comparison.

    • Virginia replies.

      “Can do what.”

      Virginia continues.

      “Post YouTube videos of ourselves talking about Mahamudra?”

      • Les

        Teach mahamudra. No Karma Ling grad is doing it!

        Virginia, are you daft?

        • Virginia begins.

          “That isn’t the purpose of Karme Ling.”

          Virginia continues.

          “Rinpoche’s plan was for us to run his dharma centers.”

          Jonathan replies.

          “That didn’t work out as originally planned.”

          Jonathan continues.

          “You can’t make someone capable of transmitting Mahamudra.”

  3. okiebuddhist

    I’ve received Mahamudra transmissions from Reggie Ray, student of Trungpa. There are others out there who do not take the Lama name; they are qualified. Practice Ngondro or meditation enough and realize through self Mahamudra because of the lineage’s blessing or because of one’s own ability. It happens, even if one of not a Buddhist.

  4. okiebuddhist

    “is” instead “of”

  5. Wizzle

    Folks have been complaining Ole Nydahl links to the far right for decades in Europe. He makes Donald Trump look like a paragon of tolerance in this regard.

    Shamarpa however was the one who gave him the credentials to teach. Unfortunately any Kagyu who spoke against him was dismissed by his followers as being pro-Situpa and biased. He used the Karmapa conflict to grow and develop his org with the official stamp of the lineage even though he had very little training.

    He also claims to be an emanation of Dorje Bernakchen. He interprets the Kalachakra tantra too as sanctioning a kind of Buddhist Jihad on Islam. Cute, eh?

    • Arcje

      The whole kalachakra as a response to the Muslims is a big thing amongst kagyus in India.

      There is some prophecy that the Kalkin emperor will rise again and vanquish the Muslim hoardes within kalachakra literature.

      It’s mind bending when one has otherwise very well educated monks describe how kalachakra practice is an antidote to the Muslims. Ole is not unique in this regard.

      As for Reggie Ray, he is great.

      It’s a shame none of the KTD lamas came out of retreat, or their lives of practice afterwards, as decent teachers. I can’t think of a single one I would go to for instruction on anything other than lojong.

  6. Hi

    Being quite familiar with this organisation as well as with a few other buddhist organisations I don’t see how it is a cult.

    Ole is a typical leader – like many other buddhist leaders he is adored by his students. Not more then students from all kind of famous Rinpoche’s or some Zen teachers do.

    Diamondway is a very open organisation, it doesn’t charge a lot of money (if at all), you can come and go as you please, there is no central registration of members, everybody is encouraged to participate in society normally (work, have kids, stuff like that), you don’t have change your name, dress weird or eat weird. This also makes it quite easy to leave the club if you choose (as I did). Lama Ole’s behavior is mainly questioned because he slept with many women. He can be criticized for many other things, but usually the main point people take issue with is this: he likes sex and is transparent about that. That does not make him a cult leader more then any other buddhist teacher. Neither does it make him unique.

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