The way we were: Chogyam Trungpa on Milarepa’s last words…

Picture of Milarepa the old man instagramed to illustrate this episode of Pulp Buddhism in which the Naropa Prairie Dog Players discuss Milarepa’s final words to his disciples as told by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche…

Allen begins.

“Tibet, how things were done in Tibet, was a bad thing as far as Chogyam Trungpa was concerned, back in the day.”

Sally replies.

“How so?”

Allen replies.

“Like this, from Chogyam Trungpa on Milarepa’s last words to his students.”

When I die, don’t build statues or stupas to my memory.”

Instead, raise the banner of meditation.

Reject all that increases ego-clinging or inner poison, even if it appears good.

Practice all that benefits others, even if it appears bad.

This is the true way of Dharma.

Since life is short and the time of death unknown, devote yourselves wholly to meditation.

Act wisely and courageously according to your innate insight, even at the cost of your life.

In short, act in a way that you will not be ashamed of.

Allen replies.

“Where did you get that?”

Jonathan replies.

“From Gabby, who found it in Chogyam Trungpa’s collected works, volume five, Milarepa: a warrior’s life.

Allen replies.

“Nice catch, Gabby.”

Sally replies.

“When was this quote from in terms of the history of the Karma Kagyu in the West?”

Caroline replies.

“Before Khenpo Karthar’s arrival in 1977.”

Allen replies.

“The way we were.”

Sally replies.

“What happened.”

Jonathan replies.

“Mao died in 1976.”

Virginia replies.

“The 1975 Snowmass Seminary happened.”

Allen replies.

“Shit happened.”

Allen continues.

“Nothing is permanent, nothing stays the same forever.”

Sally replies.

“I had no idea this way of thinking was ever a thing for us.”

End scene. Fini.

Another episode of Pulp Buddhism brought to you by the Naropa Prairie Dog Players and by viewers like you, thank you for your support.



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12 responses to “The way we were: Chogyam Trungpa on Milarepa’s last words…

  1. Allen, that’s great advice from Milarepa. It is easy to see even in my own life how maybe in some small way we try to buy enlightenment with books, statues, thangkas, and blogs. It is a bit sobering to think that all we need according to Milarepa is to meditate. Just think of all the money we can save…….

    • Joyce

      Why not?

      What is the difference between mindless cultish practice of “Buddhism” and familiarization with dharma.

      I think it would be lovely for people to put down the former in favor of the latter.

      Multimillion dollar monasteries are rather unnecessary in the west- just an honest observation.

      • On the subject of multimillion dollar monasteries, Ogyen Trinley Dorje is at KTD, on the down low.


      • Why do you think that they need to be mutually exclusive?
        I think you are bang on with the monasteries, the best place for one might be in your own home or gompa. But the show and art can be quite nice to have it might attract new growth or just be part of the culture. Actually so much of what Tibetan Buddhism is, is Tibetan culture not buddhism.

  2. Keith

    Really? He was in Bodh Gaya last week…

    Maybe he is setting the place straight. It’s a right bloody disaster!

      • West

        It’s going to be turned into a monastery only for Himalayan monks and nuns. All lay people will have to leave. There will be no more western lamas teaching there. The place is going native.

        Karmapa is purifying the place of western problems.

          • Wanda

            Actually, I’ve heard as well, from dependable sources that His Holiness is at KTD right now for a meeting of the board of trustees. Makes sense really, he’s got two votes on th the board and his travel restrictions have eased so skyping in isn’t necessary any longer.

            I hope His Holiness enjoys his stay and is able to make it to Monlam with no problems.

            Karmapa Chenno!

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