Is OTD at KTD on the down low earlier this week an abuse of power?

Picture of Ogyen Trinley Dorje at Kingston, New York in 2015 the old man instagramed to illustrate this episode of Pulp Buddhism in which the Naropa Prairie Dog Players discuss the decision of his Labrang to embargo the unofficial dissemination if information online as it pertains to the Karmapa apparently being at KTD to attend an important meeting of its board of trustees on the down low earlier this week…

Allen begins.

“If OTD was indeed at KTD earlier this week for an important meeting of its board and his Labrang failed to make this information available to us this constitutes an obvious abuse of power on said Labrang’s part given his embargo last month on what he considers to be unofficial sources on the Internet publishing information pertaining to His Holiness and his activities.”

Sally replies.

“Official sources have OTD in India today teaching Gampopa.”

Sally continues.

“There’s nothing from official sources about His Holiness attending a meeting of KTD’s board here in the States.”

Allen replies.

“What is OTD’s Labrang trying to hide from us?”

Sally replies.

“Thankfully, at least from ab American perspective, Lama Kathy mentioned in passing the other day on Facebook that His Holiness was at KTD.”

Virginia replies.

“She shouldn’t have done that if it goes against the wishes of the Labrang as the Karmapa’s representative.”

Allen replies.

“As a KTD board member Lama Kathy doesn’t answer to OTD’s Labrang so if she saw fit to let us know that His Holiness was at KTD in her capacity as representing our interests on said board it is she who is in the right in terms of transparency as such and he who is in the wrong here, ethically speaking.”

Virginia replies.

“As a 501c3 charitable organization KTD is not obligated to make public information pertaining to the meeting of its board.”

Allen replies.


Allen pauses.

“It’s a scandal nonetheless, ethically, an abuse of power.”

Allen continues.

“If something has to do with KTD we have a right to know as American, given its status as a 501c3, even if the law governing such organizations doesn’t require disclosure of such information.”

Virginia replies.

“I disagree.”

End scene. Fini.

Another episode of Pulp Buddhism brought to you by the Naropa Prairie Dog Players and by viewers like you, thank you for your support.



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5 responses to “Is OTD at KTD on the down low earlier this week an abuse of power?

  1. Chöying

    So, I was just show this blog post by a friend who is trying to make sense of how HHK could have visited KTD this week on the fly, so to speak. This friend, from Flushing, Queens is Chinese and is well connected amongst the Chinese sangha there. Her devotion to Karmapa and KTD is very makes me feel something special.

    If he did visit, and some say he is still there, then was it really for a board meeting?Something else?

    There have been some rumors of how he want to tear down and rebuild the main shrine building because its need for repairs and poor feng shui. I too have heard the plans to make the place a full monastery with no lay people. The Tibetan lamas like this plan and say that this is why His Holiness sent Khenpo Tenkyang to lead at KTD. Some even have said that he has come to examine a few possible tulkus from the Tibetan population in the United States and Canada.

    Why he comes we do not know. It is not our place to ask. But if it leads to a pure monastery with new Tibetan tulkus then this is very auspicious.

  2. Robert

    Yes! The tulku thing sounds accurate.

    Several sedans with children in yellow brocade were spied from the parking lot of the state park.

  3. Hansel

    Bill you IDIOT! Karmapa hasn’t left India.

    Where do you get your information?

    Go look at Lama Kathy’s fb page DUMBASS- that’s an old pic she reposted.


    • Hansel,

      You are responding to this episode of Pulp Buddhism as if the Naropa Prairie Dog Players are real people.

      Thank you for the compliment.

      Why can’t OTD appear to be in both Bodhghaya and at KTD at the same time?

      People believe he was here.

      Perhaps for a board meeting.

      A young Tulku was apparently in the environs.

      Whatever it is, or isn’t, would OTD’s Labrang share it with us or keep it on a need to know basis?

      The plot thickens…


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