Chogyam Trungpa on how discipline relates to being what you really are…

Picture of Chogyam Trungpa at Tail of the Tiger in 1970 the old man instagramed to illustrate this episode of Pulp Buddhism in which the Naropa Prairie Dog Players do a dramatic reading from volume five of Rinpoche’s collected works, in his own words…

Sally begins.

“How does discipline relate to being what you really are?”

Sally continues.

“I thought discipline meant imposing something on yourself.”

Caroline replies.

“The most difficult discipline is to be what you are.”

Allen replies.

“Constantly trying to be what you are not is much easier, because we are trained to con either ourselves or others, to fit things into appropriate categories.”

Caroline replies.
“Whereas if you take all of that away, the whole thing becomes too irritating, too boring.”

Allen replies.

“There’s no room for talking yourself into anything.

Caroline replies.

“Everything is quite simple.”

End scene. Fini.

Another episode of Pulp Buddhism brought to you by the Naropa Prairie Dog Players and by viewers like you, thank you for your support.


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