Is OTD ready to take the plunge and let KTD raise a Tulku in residence?

Picture of the 2010 North American Kagyu Monlan the old man instagramed to illustrate this episode of Pulp Buddhism in which the Naropa Prairie Dog Players discuss whether or not OTD’s Karma Kagyu sect is ready to commit to a child recognized by His Holiness as a Tulku to be raised at KTD, what would in the eyes of the Karma Kagyu sect’s Chinese faithful make the place worth the millions it will take to relaunch the project as a monastic seat worthy of a 21st century Karmapa, something historic, truly for the ages…

Jonathan replies.

“Having a child recognized by OTD as a Tulku raised at KTD is a must for the His Holiness if he expects his Chinese benefactors to underwrite his plans to relaunch his monastic seat in North America.”

Virginia replies.

“His Holiness needs to first get rid of the riff raff that have over the past thirty years come to think of KTD as a place for lay people to receive teachings without turning them against him in the process.”

Sally replies.

“And I assume the riff raff in question is us.”

Virginia replies.

“Nothing personal.”

Allen replies.

“If that is what Ogyen Trinley Dorje has been up to with KTD since 2008, from the banishment of Bardor to present, it makes perfect sense to me.”

Allen pauses.

“In retrospect.”

Jonathan replies.

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs in the process.”

Virginia replies.

“Like it or not.”

Virginia pauses.

“We live in a Chinese world, welcome to the 21st century.”

Virginia pauses.

“The sooner we recognize this the better.”

Allen replies.

“KTD has never been a thing for me, personally.”

Allen pauses.

“Obviously, I’m not quite ready to think of myself as living in a Chinese world, yet.”

Allen continues.

“I get that Ogyen Trinley Dorje does, though.”

Virginia replies.

“His Holiness was born and raised in a Chinese world and it is in this Chinese world that his dharma activity is known, appreciated, and supported as it should be.”

End scene. Fini.

Another episode of Pulp Buddhism brought to you by the Naropa Prairie Dog Players and by viewers like you, thank you for your support.



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16 responses to “Is OTD ready to take the plunge and let KTD raise a Tulku in residence?

  1. Lama Hsien

    OTD was NOT in the US this week! NOR was there a MEETING between he and the new KTD TULKU.

    • Lama Hsien,

      You are responding this episode of Pulp Buddhism as if it isn’t a work of fiction.

      Thank you for the compliment of my ability as a writer.

      That being said, it appears that His Holiness was at KTD to attend a meeting of its board earlier this week, which speaks for itself as far as far as the storyline here is concerned.


    • BTW thanks for confirming there is a young Tulku in residence at KTD.

  2. Jim

    who knows?

    There had been talk that the new Tulku has been installed to replace KKR, who’s being honored at Monlam marks his final retirement- a symbolic golden Rolex.

    Thus with the new Khenpo and new Tulku one has a new KTD, soon to be purged of its western lay riff raff.

    There is alleged chatter that lama kathy leaked OTD’s visit to KTD because she serves KKR over anyone else and that the forced retirement and coming purge leaves her with no place to be but Ohio.

    You once wrote about the night of the long knives, I saw it in old Elephant Journal post. Looks like another purge is due to happen in the year of the Fire Monkey.

    Hold onto your hat.

  3. Janet





    • Janet,

      You responding to this episode of Pulp Buddhism, a work of fiction, in all caps has made my day.


      Notwithstanding your objection to the above comment, it appears, to somebody out there at least, to be true.

      We live in the illusion of things. Indeed.


  4. Emma

    Look, I don’t really care about KTD or what goes on there. Never been there, never will. In fact the idea of the place is offensive to my worldview.

    Here’s my gripe: how did we get from the purity of Milarepa to spending Rs. 70000000 for a Kagyu prayer event? It makes us look disgraceful. Look at the accounting:

  5. Susan

    That’s more than a million dollars for a seven day event! How disgusting.

    And those are the “reported” donations and expenses. Oh, it must be so good to be a lama!

  6. Oh my nothing. This is the question, how can this be accepted. Where is the accountability and the wisdom that goes with it?

    Thank you for the forum to ask this.

  7. Jethro

    Yes, when the per capita income in Bihar averages at just over $1000 per year, the spending of over $1,000,000 in seven days is completely absurd.

    “But, oh the fortunate karma”, one might declare.

    There is nothing as egregious as aspiring towards buddhahood whilst being completely oblivious to your own privilege and the suffering of others.

    Karmapa should stop this charade.

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