OTD’s latest failure: Traleg Rinpoche’s ‘board’ implodes…

Student of Traleg Rinpoche begins.

“So. Tonight I saw how fucked up and beautiful Buddhists can be.”


“Traleg Rinpoche’s ‘board’ has imploded.”


“Traleg Rinpoche was the best person I ever met, but, sadly, I cannot say the same of my fellow students.”

My response.

“Dealing with the spiritual materialism of the Karma Kagyu sect has been part of our process as Buddhists for centuries…”

To quote Milarepa.

“Someone who knows that everything is mind is able to use whatever appears as a resource.”

End scene.
The above is a piece of fiction based upon an exchange I had on Twitter with a student of Traleg Rinpoche this morning.


Karmapa Chenno!



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20 responses to “OTD’s latest failure: Traleg Rinpoche’s ‘board’ implodes…

  1. Norman

    Rumor on the street is that Traleg Khandro is building a large dharma center for Traleg Rinpoche in Crestone. It’s supposed to be the size of KTD and Thrangu Rinpoche’s monastery in Canada. KKR already has sent a crew of western lamas to help jump-start the enterprise.

    Looks as if Norlha Rinpoche is building his own legacy structures.

    Apparently the Karma Kagyu spiritual materialism is as endless as the thought generation of the ordinary mind…

    • Hi Norman,
      Yes Traleg Khandro is building a dharma centre (large i don’t know) in Crestone. She is working off the plans that Traleg Rinpoche had already drawn up for this project specifically. Rinpoche left plans, names and structural comments regarding this ‘enterprise’ and also had acquired land for it prior to his passing. Traleg Khandro is simply continuing this project for Rinpoche.

  2. Sara

    That may be the case, but what do you expect? It’s hardly HHGK’s fault that TR’s wife wife went and screwed up a process that best left to Tibetans.

    As for the board, its failure is likely due to the fact that TR, the charismatic leader is dead. Ain’t no foreign wife gonna fill those shoes.

    Shame on KKR for going to endorse the yangsi hack!

      • Edith

        Dude! That’s like so fucked up. I suppose the next thing you’re going to say is that magical western pussy is to blame?

        Come on! I had no idea the board has imploded. Bill, do you know what happened. I only met Traleg Rinpoche once, and it is seated into my memory. He was incredible. His Khadro us as well.

        • Edith,

          Khenpo Karthar happened, Rinpoche got what he wanted, what China wanted, which was a Traleg Yangsi at Thrangu monastery.

          Mission accomplished.

          The writing is on the wall for anyone who called Traleg Rinpoche their teacher, our teacher’s life was for nothing, all that made our friend so special to us will die with those of us who loved him for the remarkable person he was, all thanks to the powers that be of OTD’s Karma Kagyu sect.

          The same thing happened, in broad strokes at least, after Trungpa died when his widow was big footed by Situ Rinpoche, who after Rinpoche’s death attempted to take over Vajradhatu, which is how China today has a Trungpa Yangsi at Surmang monastery while Trungpa’s legacy survives today in the West in the form of Shambhala Buddhism.

          Obviously, the powers that be learned from their experience with Trungpa’s widow and not only will OTD’s Karma Kagyu sect will get its Traleg Rinpoche at Thrangu Monastery but it will also get Traleg Rinpoche’s legacy too it seems.


          • KKR happened? You really have no idea what you are talking about do you? This has nothing at all whatsoever to do with KKR or Traleg Yangsi. Please stop posting nonsense as I’m afraid people might actually listen to you and for some reason believe you.

        • Hi Edith,
          A minor dispute internally with the board of Traleg Rinpoche’s Melbourne Australia Centre, nothing to do with KKR, Thrangu Monastery, Traleg Khandro or China. It has been way overblown here. The original twitter post was done under inebriation and then taken and blown up by the idiot who owns this page.

    • Sara, just to inform you so you don’t go shooting off your mouth like an ignorant ass :), TR’s wife has nothing to do with Traleg Rinpoche’s Centre or Board that this article is referring to. TR’s wife is totally separate to this issue and is carrying on Traleg Rinpoche’s specific instructions (which he had already drawn up plans for prior to his passing) in America.

      Also, TR’s wife has been the strongest advocate so far of leaving Tibetans alone and not interfering with them when it comes to tulku successions. She isn’t trying to fill anyone’s shoes as far as I can tell.

      All the best to you.

  3. Sensei Tim

    Ripe Aussie peaches,
    Juicy, soft, luscious plumpness,
    Wild Traleg meets his end.

  4. Hemande

    mec, ce calibre sont vos oreilles? quand revenez-vous à faire ainsi un blog une chose régulière?

  5. Rimbaud

    très bon! s’il vous plaît revenir à écrire régulièrement. la vie a été beaucoup moins excitant avec tout ce silence. par hasard vous êtes à Sarnath pour la conférence Khoryug?

  6. Ani Jinpa Lhamo

    Hi Bill –

    I realise this isn’t on thread, but it may interest you and others here:


  7. MrNeighbour

    Vajrabud is correct.

  8. MrNeighbour

    And my apologies again to anyone in our community in Australia who read this for blabbing this private business out in public. It was a silly mistake. Those issues are none of anyone’s business.

    This blog could be taken with a pinch of salt. Australasian salt – not Seppo or Himalayan. Bill is very creative.

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