China’s Billionare Karmapa caught hiding his money in British Virgin Islands…

What say you Karmapa to the fact that your Kagyu Monlam has shown up in the ICU Offshore Leaks Database?

Karmapa Chenno!



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42 responses to “China’s Billionare Karmapa caught hiding his money in British Virgin Islands…

  1. gulli

    caught in the mud and it’s not a lotus !

  2. gulli

    je n’ai pas compris pourquoi tu as employé le mot “peur” . Par contre , que ce ne soit pas un délit , certes ! A condition que ton “entreprise” ne soit pas domicilié dans un pays qui interdit la fraude fiscale , comme en France par exemple 🙂

    • Gulli,

      Même pas peur!

      Je ne renie rien de ce que tu as dit.

      Que voulons nous?

      La vérité!

      J’ai peur que le Karmapa a été pris dans un mensonge de ommission.

      Quel exemple!


  3. gulli

    le karmapa est un gamin qui , à force de faire le canard sur ce qui lui arrive , finit par avoir la voix de Donald Duck :

    “Même pas peur!

    Je ne renie rien de ce que tu as dit.

    Que voulons nous?

    La vérité!”


    • Doctorronie,

      Actually, OTD is China’s choice for 17th Karmapa.

      His Holiness is without question their creature.

      He isn’t alone in this regard.

      That OTD has to hide where his money comes from speaks to this fact.

      He’s a collaborator bought and paid for.


      • Yeshe,

        When you are rested I would like to discuss this further.

        What about OTD’s sister?

        China let her join her brother in India to help him spend his money.

        He is a collaborator of his own volition.

        And he isn’t alone in this regard.


        • I don’t know what to think about the sister , but all the story isn’t very convincing . The joint action comitee of Sikkim planned OTD’s flight. Chen Li An knew in November about it. But what was his further role in contacting the united workers department? An Shen Jiathing (Dr. C T Shen, the great benefactor of Woodstock? I think in a couple of years the connections become clearer… And I don’t think he is free in his decisions, in the video posted above again he said how heavy is his task. In germany he said being Karmapa came over him, he had no freedom of choice. You knew the 16th Karmapa – could you imagine him saying such a thing?Any way ts late in our continent best wishes Yeshe

          • Yeshe,

            The key to demystifying OTD’s relationship to China, how he became China’s Billionare Karmapa, is Chen Li An’s relationship to Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche.

            Chen Li An turned Thrangu Rinpoche, in a quid quo pro, China got its choice for Karmapa, and in return Thrangu Rinpoche and was permitted to re-establish Thrangu Monastery in occupied Tibet.

            Thrangu Rinpoche and his creatures are collaborators.

            OTD did not “escape” Tibet.

            Chen Li An made it happen on behalf of the Chinese Government.

            OTD’s wealth is a result, not a cause, as such.

            How did OTD become a billionaire?

            This is how he became China’s Billionare Karmapa.

            I only mention OTD’s sister to dismiss the suggestion that his family is somehow in jeopardy of being harmed by the Chinese government.

            She no more escaped to the West than her brother did.

            She was allowed to join her brother in India.

            This is the argument I have put forth here.

            This, in brief, is how I understand OTD became China’s Billionare Karmapa.


      • Dear Bill, could you be so kind to remove this commentary of mine – for personal reasons…? Thank you!

  5. the German newspaper focus estimated the real estate of the whole Karmapa Kagyü in 2000 some Billion Dollars.

    But I don’t know – this bank account in the Virgin Islands might be just normal, as they are not allowed to have an account in India. They are openly registered as:
    Aplication Number: 1566604
    Proprietor Name: KAGYU MONLAM LIMITED
    Status: Registered
    Journal Number: 1399
    Application Date: 08/06/2007
    User Date:
    Vienna Code(s): 261325
    Let’s see what the lawsuit which was filed in 2011 will show.

  6. David

    Why does no one talk about Dilyak Drubon Dechen Rinpoche, the brother of Rebel Buddha Ponlop Rinpoche- who is nothing more than a sarcoma on a dog’s testicle as far as money grubbing dharma empire builders go.

    If the meek, sickly Dilyak Drubon Rinpoche has his money off shore then it’s safe to say that Ricky Rinpoche does as well.

    Heaven knows about KTD, the feckless snobbish place it is!

  7. Lindsay

    Bill you idiot. In this case gyalpo refers to a type of spirit:

    Go shove Das, no matter how dog-eared it may be up your colossal ass!

  8. Bill is absolutely correct. The general meaning of the term rgyal-po is king (or raja). Chogyal would refer to a dharma king or dharmaraja (like Ashoka). Depending on context, rgyal-po can also refer to the (non-human) rgyal-po spirits, but that is not its most common use and needs to be seen when looking at the context. If a Buddhist nun calls the Karmapa a rgyal-po or king rather than a guru, this is already quite strong as it suggests that his role is more political than religious. It seems obvious that she did not mean to refer with this to the (non-human) spirit, because the immediate connection is not apparent when referring to a living person.

    Actually more interesting is the question, why there is an offshore entity with the name “Kagyu Monlam LTD”. What is the need for such an entity? Nothing against spreading the dharma, but we can probably assume that the British Virgin Islands with a population slightly above 28000 people is not a major concern for the Kagyu tradition. At least, during my short google search I couldn’t even find a Buddhist centre there…

    Dilyak Drupon Rinpoche is of course well-known and was the General Secretary of the Tsurphu Labrang at the time the offshore entity was established. How about the present General Secretary? Does he know about it? One should ask him…

    Lama Karma Chodark seems to be the main organizer of the Kagyu Monlam according to this chart:

    Who are the two other gentlemen, CHU Man Luan and WU Chia-Chen, does anybody know them? According to their addresses, it seems they are both from Taiwan.

    Given the name of the entity and the Tibetans involved, the idea that at least a portion of the donations received during one or several Kagyu Monlams might have gone all the way to the British Virigin Islands is scary.

    How much money are we talking about and is this still a common practice today? Lama Karma Chodark seems to be still in charge of the Kagyu Monlam’s organization…

    So many questions one could ask…

  9. Dhrama

    Why would you want to make payments to a Government that banished you from your own land? Smart move to avoid paying the gross government of the Peoples Republic of China.

    • Dhrama,

      China’s Billionare Karmapa has no right to own property in India.

      Is he above the law?

      I think, not.

      What we have in OTD’s Karma Kagyu sect is a corrupt organization engaged in an ongoing financial fraud against the Indian people as evidenced by its attempt to hide funds in the British Virgin Islands as such.


      • Dhrama

        Thanks for the perspective Bill. Though it is not illegal to own an offshore company in India ( there are still regulations that have to be upheld, and I have no inside information whether or not Kagyu Monlam followed those laws. In the case of their ethical/moral decisions, we can scrupulate a bit more. If it were to be that KMonlam was not acting inappropriately than all 140+ others involved in the Panama Papers scandal should be off the hook too. After further though I agree that what was done was truly non-virtuous.

  10. Sonam Yeshi

    Money really corrupts. What’s the point of stashing so much money for the lineage? Exactly how does money help preserve the lineage? I have always been very critical of Christian evangelical churches that amass wealth from tithings and offerings. Sadly, many Tibetan Buddhist lamas are “similar” in that way – travel globally, canvass for donations to build more temples in the Himalayan region or to set up new centres; or to support the lamas education or to upkeep its current facilities….and many do not have proper financial accounting processes. I may not have their supreme wisdom in seeing things as they truly are, but conventional wisdom tells me that the best way to protect the dharma is to ensure that there are always students in the dharma. The students ensure the survival of their teachers and their lineage, and vice versa. Not money.

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