Is Ponlop Rinpoche still qualified to teach the dharma?

Dear readers,

While a married man Ponlop Rinpoche had a baby with another woman, divorced his wife and married his baby’s mama.

Rinpoche attempted to hide what he had done by changing his name.


That Ponlop Rinpoche has to date has not explained himself to us as such disqualifies him as a teacher of the dharma.

Agree? disagree?




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4 responses to “Is Ponlop Rinpoche still qualified to teach the dharma?

  1. one of the highest teachings is ” be ordinary” so tes, ponlop can teacfh the dharma. it is up to senior, exdperienced dharma teachers to judge whetyherb his teachings are true to dharma or not. one of the teachings is ” don’t try to be so pure that you lose your humanity” blessings on you, ponlop rinpoche, human being

    ron leifer

    • Ron,

      Is not what Rinpoche did, technically, sexual misconduct?

      He changed his name to hide what he had done for a reason.

      If this is why Rinpoche.hid what he had done he is no longer qualified teach the dharma.


  2. SB

    its not my business to judge other people or their teachers. for someone with the right karma, im sure ponlop rinpoche is a powerfully liberating teacher. for myself, knowing of this incident, i would use extra caution if i were considering approaching him as a teacher, but i also know that morality is a tricky territory and it is not always a matter of doing what seems conventionally appropriate. moreover, i would be far more concerned about whether he engages in patterns of deceit and manipulation with his students than about some slip-up in the treacherous waters of his love life.

  3. Sonam Yeshi

    I think just follow his teachings, but not his conduct. However, only for more experienced dharma practitioners who have purified themselves greatly and established firm foundations on the path, and views their teacher undoubtingly as the one who guides on the path towards enlightenment, ala crazy wisdom style. Beginners who still holds the view of teachers as their messiah for salvation, then better go find a teacher who upholds virtuous conduct. Different teachers for different minds, I guess.

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