Situ Rinpoche in America 2016!

Dear readers,

Here is Situ Rinpoche’s schedule.

For what it’s worth.





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9 responses to “Situ Rinpoche in America 2016!

  1. Jane

    Only going to west coast? Must be more Chinese there.

    • Jonathan,

      I’m reminded of Zion, Illinois.

      One Saturday morning Bob Martinez and I drove a couple of donated mattresses up from Chicago to a vacant apartment Situ Rinpoche and the other heart sons as they were referred to back then, Shamar, Jamgon Kongtrul, and Gyaltsab Rinpoches were crashing in when they was
      weren’t with with His Holiness at the hospital.

      They had nothing but the clothes on their back.

      Thanks to Thrangu Rinpoche, the windfall from his decision to collaborate with the Chinese government after His Holiness died, Situ Rinpoche thirty-five years later has accumulated so much wealth at the expense of the Tibetan people, so obscuring what the Karma Kagyu lineage represents, how can someone in my shoes, someone who cut his teeth as a Tibetan Buddhist reading Trungpa’s critique of the spiritual materialism of Tibetans which made China’s occupation possible in the first place, not be saddened by being reminded of what happened in those early years after the 16th Karmapa passed away?


      • Jonathan Meyer

        Haven’t seen him since he abruptly left a Vajrakilaya Wang in 1989 when Kalu Rinpoche Sr parinirvana’d. I’m going to Akshobya transmission on Sunday & Shangpa Four Deities on Tuesday. He was always extremely inspiring back then- I’ll let you know if the amrita is still flowing…

  2. Jackie

    Notice that he’s teaching on Maitreya.

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