The unenlightened Rinpoche: Enlightened is what Enlightened does…

Dear readers,

Rinpoche is presumed to be enlightened, that is, from the perspective of spiritual materialism.

From the perspective of the Enlightenment, Rinpoche, the man, quite deliberately so, is perhaps the most unenlightened person you will ever have the misfortune to suffer having to listen to.

Over the course of close to sixty years, generations of Rinpoches in the West have been willfully ignorant of the Enlightenment, what we in the West consider to be enlightened.

Just as we learned to as teenagers with our parents, for as long as we had to live under their roof so to speak, we have each of us in our own way learned to accommodate theses unenlightened men and their spiritual materialism.

Spiritual materialism is unenlightened.

I think so.

Perhaps it is time for us to grow up as dharma practitioners.

I have.

A parent is not what they say but what they do.

The enlightened are as the enlightened do.




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22 responses to “The unenlightened Rinpoche: Enlightened is what Enlightened does…

  1. Lama Kate

    You know, Rinpoche worked very hard to create KTD and set up the retreat facilities in Delhi, NY.

    This is his enlightened activity. How dare you question his realization. Just look at what KTD has become. Why, Rinpoche himself has called it a second Bodh Gaya!

    I cannot get over your insolence. I pray you see the light, Bill.

    • Lama Kate,

      How unenlighted of you.

      Rinpoche is the most unenlightened man I ever met.

      I say this as his most senior of disciples.

      He is my guru.

      His lineage is without question.

      His spiritual materialism was his undoing as a man, though.

      He collaborated with the Chinese to make Ogyen Trinley Dorje the 17th Karmapa.

      Shame on you for lacking the wisdom to se Rinpoche for who he is.

      I have.

      And that being said he remains my guru nonetheless.



      • Lama Kate

        I had no idea that you were the most senior of his disciples.

        How grand! You must feel rather good about yourself…

        • Lama Kate,



          • Lama Kate

            Most senior?

            Ever do a retreat with him?

            Laughable, at best!

            • Lama Kate,

              I am a founding member of Chicago KTC, one of Rinpoche’s first disciples in America.

              I was at Zion for the 16th Karmapa’s Parinirvana.

              My relationship with Rinpoche pre-dates his decision to collaborate with the Chinese to make Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

              What Rinpoche entrusted me with, his lineage, he did so freely and without reservation.

              According to Ngodrup, his translator at the time, I was the first of Rinpoche’s disciples to receive the lung and tri for Mahamudra from him.

              When I asked Ngodrup why, he told me that Rinpoche wanted me to have it, not for where I was at in my practice at the time, but for my future.

              At the time Rinpoche had been visiting us here in Chicago every six months for years then.

              As it turned out it was the last time Rinpoche visited Chicago for a decade.

              Rinpoche, as Thrangu Rinpoche’s creature, had been tasked with re-establishing Thrangu monastery in occupied Tibet.

              In preparation for this he held his infamous first three year retreat at Karmé Ling so that when that day came he would have creatures such as yourself to do his bidding here in his absence.

              To say he was disappointed with the results would be an understatement.

              In the end he had to parachute his nephew in from occupied Tibet courtesy of the Chinese Government to take over the project.

              Rinpoche selected his first retreatants based on their ability to pay for the privilege of spending three years in retreat with him.

              Spiritual materialism being unenlighted all involved were tainted by the process as are all who have henceforth followed, such as yourself.

              Ten years into his attempt to unenlighten America, Rinpoche returned to Chicago I was here waiting for his return, despite his being the most unenlighted person I have ever had to suffer knowing in all my life.

              That being said, Rinpoche’s lineage is pure, which is all that matters to me as a dharma practitioner.

              To this day I happily prostrate before my statue of Vajradhara containing the medicine pills made of relics from the 16th Karmapa’s cremation Rinpoche gave me when I was a young man, without regret.

              Rinpoche is a spiritual materialist.

              There is nothing enlightened in this.

              Again, that being said, he remains my guru, and I remain his disciple to this day.

              How do I know this?

              Rinpoche told me it would be so when he accepted me as his disciple in 1981, which is how I can say today without fear of anyone ever contradicting me that I am one of his most senior of disciples, one of a handful of people alive today that can say so.


  2. Maurice

    Did Shakyamuni teach guru worship yoga?
    I think not. Must have been appropriated from the Hindus.
    The external guru is only a sign-post on the way,
    lineage only a sense of belonging, never are they an indication
    of a level of enlightenment.
    If your game Bill is about worship and belonging, enjoy samsara (if you can?)
    If your game is to give up all games, then liberation is yours for the taking.
    After all, the true Guru is within, it will create situations from without, to push you into itself, and will create situations within, to pull you into itself.
    Proceed with caution, for “I” will die, this is the great bliss in emptiness.
    Attention and affection towards your inner Guru is all that is needed.

    The problem with Tibetanism IS guru yoga.

    • Maurice,

      Let me be clear, if I may.

      This isn’t about Tibetans.

      It’s about Rinpoches, those unenlightened Tibetans we have suffered over the decades as Westerners.

      The Tibetan people just re-elected a Harvard graduate to lead their government in exile.

      Good for them.

      For me, my practice, that which my guru passed on to me, as was passed on to him, a process that dates back to the Buddhism of India before it disappeared from the subcontinent to be replaced by what we call Hinduism today, is the fruition of a wisdom tradition a thousand years in the making.

      You are welcome to throw the baby out with the bath water if you find this works for you.

      I don’t.


      • Lama Kate

        “…a process that dates back to the Buddhism of India before it disappeared from the subcontinent to be replaced by what we call Hinduism today….”

        What does this mean? Are you a crazy monkey?

        • Dear Katy,

          You truly are a creature of Rinpoche, the most unenlightened person I have had to suffer in my 57 years on this planet if you don’t even know the history of his lineage which dates back to the disappearance of Buddhism from the subcontinent under pressure from the arrival of Islam and the emergence of what we call today Hinduism in the 12th century.


          • Lama Kate

            I beg your pardon. I am a retreat lama!

            How dare you disrespect me and denigrate my vajra master.

            It is you who are the stupid monkey, stupid monkey.

            • Little Kary,

              Little Katy,

              You may well call Rinpoche your vajra master, you have paid good money for that privilege.

              That being said you are not Rinpoches’ disciple.

              That is a distinction that is not for sale.

              I am.

              You are Rinpoche’s creature, as unelightened as he is, the result of his spiritual materialism, his ultimate undoing as a man, what he will be remembered from a hundred years from now.

              I have neither disrespected you, or Rinpoche here.

              Not that either of you are worthy of my respect.

              He’s my guru.

              As for my respect, I reserve my respect for those who have earned it.

              Rinpoche, the man, forever lost my respect when he collaborated with the Chinese government to make Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

              I don’t know who you are nor do I wish to.

              I have no use for someone as unenlighted a parson such as yourself.

              What you are responding to here is not my disrespect for you but instead the shame your words have brought upon yourself.

              Nice try Katy but I have sorted out far better minds here than yours.

              I appreciate the effort though, at least you made a go of it, which is more than most of Khenpo Karthar’s creatures online have managed over the years here.


        • Maurice

          What does this mean Bill?

      • Maurice

        “You are welcome to throw the baby out with the bath water if you find this works for you.” babawawa!
        The baby is my inner Guru. You don’t seem to understand my point, which puts you down on record, as not having had an enlightenment experience and stupid also. Just keep following your “master”.
        What do you think 16 Karmapa’s death was about? Just what I wrote stupid!

        And for the record, I was a disciple of the late, great, HE Thuksey Rinpoche, at Hemis , also HH Gyalwang Drukpa, HH Sakya Trizin, and more recently Namkhai Norbu. You could say I sympathise with the Rime movement. These teachers have shown me enlightenment in themselves,
        and thru Dzogchen transmission the enlightenment in myself, but never for a moment will I worship these mere humans as divine beings.

        • Martin,

          Your dualistic thinking, inner versus outer guru, speaks to your lack of experience with the practice of Guru Yoga in the Karma Kagyu lineage as such.

          That’s a cop out on your part in my opinion, as long as we are getting personal with each other about our practice.

          In the Karma Kagyu lineage, taking Milarepa as an example, we suffer our Guru, as representative of all the shortcomings of samsara we would otherwise never have the opportunity to bring to our practice.

          It’s all part of of process as Buddhists.

          I am no Rinpoche’s creature, never have, and never will be.

          If your above comment is indicative of your inner guru he must be an epic dick to work with.

          Good luck with that, you loser.


  3. Lama Kate


    At least I made the sacrifice to pony up and actually commit to a long retreat under the guidance of Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche.

    I haven’t got a failed marriage, or a trail of human wreckage that this blog seems to leave behind.

    I have a solid grounding in much ignite Kagyu dharma, not just mahamudra (which I and all retreatants before- and after me- have received).

    You can tell your sorry story to yourself, but I know that deep down you must be hurting. Why else aire all this garbage and dirty laundry?

    Oh, you sad, sad pathetic miscreant.


    • Little Katy,

      That you had to “pony up the money” to go into retreat to practice what I myself mastered while working and raising a family speaks to your lack of accomplishment as a dharma practitioner.

      You are a pathetic excuse for a dharma practitioner.

      Just as every single person that has preceded you at Karmé Ling has proven themselves to be.

      Much to Rinpoche’s chagrin I might add.

      I know how little he thinks of you and your ilk.

      You are but one of a group of individuals that Rinpoche himself felt so little confidence in as dharma practitioners that he could not entrust any of you to succeed him as retreat master at Karmé ling, a task that has fallen to his nephew, here in America courtesy of the Chinese government, a nice enough kid, but as unenlightened as his uncle, if not more so.

      What kind of retreat master drives a Lexus?

      Talk about unenlightened!


  4. Martin

    Hi Bill,

    I wouldn’t worry about Lama Troll Kate. Was just reading that today the International Consortium of International Journalists (think I didn’t screw that up) dumped even more names of economic conspirators in Panama today.

    Out of curiosity I decided to see if they had the Kagyu Monlam body officially connected, and it appears that they do. Here’s the official link to the ICIJ database.

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