What distinguishes Khenpo Karthar’s disciples such as myself from his creatures whom call him their Vajra Master?

Dear Readers,

That which distinguishes Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche’s disciples such as myself from his creatures, those whom have completed his three year retreat at Karme Ling, is simply this.

Just as has been the case in Khenpo Karthar’s Karma Kagyu lineage since Naropa suffered Tilopa, disciples of Rinpoche such as myself have suffered a lifetime under his tutelage and have the emotional scars to prove it.

And, that being said, despite it all, I do not hesitate to call Khenpo Karthar my guru, as I do so without without the slightest fear of being contradicted.

Three years in Khenpo Karthar’s retreat at Karme Ling permits you to call Rinpoche your Vajra Master, a privilege you paid for, which makes you not a disciple, but instead his creature for as long as being so serves your purpose.




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3 responses to “What distinguishes Khenpo Karthar’s disciples such as myself from his creatures whom call him their Vajra Master?

  1. Joyce,

    That’s quite a vivid imagination you have there.


  2. Bill

    Say what you will, but I got a feeling someone at Karma Ling is trying to run up some juju.

    • Bill,

      My heart attack was in fact a device malfunction.

      It lasted but two minutes and thirty seconds.

      I was shocked six times.

      I’ve been hit much harder as a young man and although it was most disconcerting for me as it happens it will take more than a few blows to the chest to put me down for the count.

      Here’s the bottom line,

      I no longer need a defibrillator.

      I had congestive heartfailure.

      My prognosis was hopeless.

      Once heart tissue dies there is no path to recovery.

      Yet here I am today with a heart so strong that the other day while moving furniture that my defibrillator mistook my elevated heart rate for an imminent myocardial infarction.

      I need worry about Karmé Ling.

      It is those whom call themselves lamas after spending three years being put through theirs paces by Khenpo Karthar Ronpoche need worry about me.

      When the order of a thing as such does not serve our needs as practitioners of the Karma Kagyu lineage to the extreme that the Karma Kagyu sect does not represent us as disciples of said sect’s Rinpoche to rid ourselves of such a thing so offensive to everything we hold dear as dharma practitioners.


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