China’s billionare Karmapa has arrived in Geneva, Switzerland! 

Dear Readers,

Could we ask for a more fitting optic for the controversial leader of the most infamous sect of Tibetan Buddhism today, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, China’s choice for 17th Karmapa, his Karma Kagyu sect collaborated with the Chinese Government to make him so, landing in Switzerland of all places, a country which to its everlasting infamy collaborated with Hitler’s genocidal occupation of Europe?




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11 responses to “China’s billionare Karmapa has arrived in Geneva, Switzerland! 

  1. Martin

    Let the gifts of unaccounted Swiss gold and chocolate flow!

    That there are still tickets available seems to highlight the tepid interest.

  2. Jonathan

    Interesting that he’s visiting on the eve of Austria’s election. Looks like their far-right candidate might win.

    Tibetan black magic to seal the deal?

    • Jonathan,

      I find it even more interesting that he will be in Paris given all that has been going on there with the student protests and the state of emergency.


      • Martin

        I wonder if he finds democratic organization and freedom of speech “interesting”?

        • Martin,

          Homeschooled by Thrangu Rinpoche’s creatures from the age of six to be
          a tool of the Chinese government, not known for its appreciation of the freedoms we take as self evident and protected by law in the West, I very much doubt he has even heard of the Enlightenment much less the French Revolution or the founding principles of the Republic, and so on.



  3. Martin

    What a non event!

    How boring. Looks like there were 50 people there to receive him.

  4. Jackie

    He looks tired. I hope he can cheer up. Actually, I think he’s a good guy and wish him happiness and its causes.

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