Why is Ogyen Trinley Dorje passing this young woman around like a pack of cigarettes?

Dear Readers,

I found the following comment from Chodron regarding Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s relationship with his sister worth submitting for your consideration here.

“They are a couple. Furthermore, she has a baby with Orgyen Tobkyal, the name of this child is tulku Urgyen. She is pretty dumb, she asked me to teach her the alphabet in the period she was taking care of her baby in Bir.”

Which prompted the following response from Ana.

“Ngodrup Palzom is not OTD’s sister, she is his fuck buddy. She had a baby with Orgyen Tobkyal: tulku Ugyen.”

This must of been how the Roman Catholic Church must have operated before the reformation.

With impunity.

Whoever this young woman is Ogyen Trinley Dorje is passing her around like a pack of cigarettes in prison.

Talk about unenlightened.

So much for my Guru’s religion.

Thanks, but no thanks Rinpoche.

The 16th Karmapa had one foot in the past with the other in the future.

He was a great man.

As 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje clearly represents a step backwards for the Karma Kagyy sect into a past when in which such behavior was acceptable.




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11 responses to “Why is Ogyen Trinley Dorje passing this young woman around like a pack of cigarettes?

  1. Cathy

    Who says Karmapa has a fuck buddy? More absurdly, where did you see a comment that he is fucking his sister?

    She’s his sister. Why go after her?

  2. Martin

    I’ve never heard of Karmapa’s sister being passed around like a sex toy, but recently found this old article from the guardian that is interesting.


  3. Here are details of Tulku Urgyen yangsi’s parents. Please try to get something right. http://blazing-splendor.blogspot.com.au/2009/11/tulku-urgyen-yangsi-rinpoche-returns-to.html

    And this, and so many other links where you could have checked before reproducing scurrilous gossip: http://www.gomde.nl/jrr_eng.html

  4. Dedalus Mousetrap

    OTD and I were born just a couple hours apart on opposite sides of the planet. I was amazed to see his chart as a very close mirror opposite of mine… http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Ogyen_Trinley_Dorje

    We and many others born around this time, Year Ox, 1985, have all our “outer planets” in retrograde. My own interpretation, for better or worse, is that our day is extremely contrarian, revolutionary, and grandiose.

    I’m not sure to have ever witnessed laughter come out of OTD’s lotus mouth (and I’ve seen him in person in Boulder, ’08). And this is would be exactly where we differ (of course in addition to our differences in celebrity, his leadership and greatness, &c.) — it’s that I am ever more than ready to burst with hilarity.

  5. Ana

    I suspect Orgyen Trinley doesn’t or didn’t know about her sleeping with others.
    I think it is probable 16th Karmapa had same sister arrangement and companion arrangement.
    By the way, the amrita they drink in monasteries (the monks) is sperm from the guru. At least in Tashi Jong.

    • Martin

      Ana, if what is contained in the kapalas during tsoks in India is the semen of the lama, then may I always partake.

      In reality however this is not the case.

      If you are the same Ana as the one quoted above by Bill, I’d love to see a source regarding Ngodup Palzom being a virtual sex slave.

      • Samten

        Sublimated Wild Turkey 101, with a micro-dose of Lama’s “love”.

      • Ana

        I caught them in bed together in 2002. Furthermore, they had a type of spousal fight on my doorstep.

        • Martin

          Who did you catch in bed together?

          Karmapa and his sister or Ngodup Palzom and Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche?

          Or was it a threesome? It would be good to be clear about such ridiculous allegations, Ana.

  6. Xianxi

    So is she a victim or a whore?

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