What are we to make of the allegation that Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s “sister” is not his biological sister?

Dear readers,

What are we to make of the allegation that Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s “sister” is not his biological sister but instead a young woman he has been having an ongoing sexual relationship since 2002 according to Ana’s comment posted to this blog the other day?

“I suspect Orgyen Trinley doesn’t or didn’t know about her sleeping with others.
I think it is probable 16th Karmapa had same sister arrangement and companion arrangement.
By the way, the amrita they drink in monasteries (the monks) is sperm from the guru. At least in Tashi Jong.”

“I caught them in bed together in 2002. Furthermore, they had a type of spousal fight on my doorstep.”

As a senior disciple of Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche my interest in this matter pertains not to the details of what happened as such, shit happens, especially when it comes to adolescents and sex, Ogyen Trinley Dorje was still a teenager in 2002, but what this specific allegation says about my guru’s sect as a religion and what appears to be its misrepresentation of its leader, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, as being a Buddhist monk in good standing vis à vis his presumed celibacy.




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7 responses to “What are we to make of the allegation that Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s “sister” is not his biological sister?

  1. Seth

    I’d go up the chain of command, Bill, and ask the KTD leadership if they have any insights as to the nature of this sex scandal. It’s either a regular sex scandal or a sex scandal involving incest.


    One can also email Lama Yeshe Gyamtso, he’s probably good for a leak (lord knows he would be aware of this given his access to Karmapa).

    • Seth,

      I’m at present having issues with my defibrillator which regrettably preclude me from taking the deep dive into this matter as you have suggested.

      I really need to chill with this blog business.

      I’ve gone as far as deleting my WordPress app from my IPhone to prevent me from having it in my face any more than necessary to keep it to the standards I hold myself to as a Buddhist blogger as such.

      The other day while hooked up to a heart monitor in the emergency room I was blogging and I could see for myself its effect on my heart rate.

      Next Wednesday my electrocardiologist will be replacing my defibrillator’s battery and in all probability replacing one of its leads which connect it to my heart.

      I like your suggestion though and suggest that any reader of this blog who shares my concern as it pertains to this matter to do as you have suggested and share the response they receive here.


  2. Linda

    I sent an email to this Khenpo Karma Tenkyang and also the operations manager, Nelson, regarding the sex scandals to which you and Ana are alluding.

    I requested them to issue a statement here.

    Hopefully they will be able to clarify the story about Ngodup Palzom.

  3. Chodron

    Several times I suggested to OTD that he marry NP, publicly. “I have lied but actually this is my wife”. I have no problem with a married K17, I think few people do. But it’s the lying that bothers me. It also means NP can be pushed around at will, depending on whether there is a need for her or not. You should see her burning and suffering when he jokes around about other women during his teachings (e.g. in Sarnath). It is unfair. She can’t get up and say “Cut the crap, I am your partner”.

    • Martin

      So, why doesn’t HHGK take some advice from Ponlop Rinpoche. Heck, Karmapa could change his name to Danny and marry Ngodup Palzom- maybe have a baby or two.

      It is incredibly telling that he still only hold novice vows.

      • Ana

        Moreover, “genyen” or “novice” vows can be taken in two ways: lay and monastic: no sex at all (novice) or no sexual abuse (the so-called 4 1/2 vows) (lay).

        By the way, K15 was married.

        • Chodron

          I also suggested to OTD to marry NP off to some lama and marry a new woman: like this, he would not need to admit he has been lying.

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