Don’t make me get all Ta-Nehsi Coates on your Dharma practitioner complacency

Dear readers,
Welcome to the new era of Post- Colonialialism: China’s Disneyfication of Tibetan Buddhism.

Just follow the money.

If you dare.

I do.

I submit the following for your consideration:

“China Pouring Billions Into Majority Tibetan Ganzi Prefecture”

Talk about a teachable moment.

Discover your inner Ta-Nehsi Coates and drill down into what is really happening to Tibetan Buddhism today in the world.

We are at the end of an era in China’s genocidal occupation of Tibet.

That point where it no longer appears to be a thing we need concern ourselves with as dharma practice.

Or, not, if you prefer.

For my Karma Kagyu that practice Wangchuk Dorje’s ngondro for Mahamudra then.

Let’s do this.

If you are Karma Kagyu doing ngondro, take a moment to reflect upon Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s collaboration with China’s genocidal occupation of Tibet, as you visualize him upon the crown of your head.

There is no denying that this is a thing at this point.

Just follow the money.

Consider for a moment the financial windfall Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s Karma Kagyu sect has so profited from thanks to its being the first sect of Tibetan Buddhism to collaborate with China’s genocidal
occupation of Tibet.

Thanks to Ponlop Rinpoche’s brother, Dilyak Drupon Rinpoche, Ogyen Trinley Dorje is up to his neck in the Panama Papers scandal.

Hold that thought.

Then, dissolve the image of His Holiness being a thing to you, receive the four empowerments, and rest in the dissolution of how he appearances to you, the good, the bad and the ugly, and dedicate the merit of doing so.


Blessed is the disciple who suffers their guru.

Karmapa Chenno!




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13 responses to “Don’t make me get all Ta-Nehsi Coates on your Dharma practitioner complacency

  1. Wila

    We are all complicit. If you watch American movies your money help support China’s activities:

    These is no moral high ground.


    • Wila,

      Thanks for the comment.


      There is no moral high ground to be found in Wangchuk Dorje’s ngondro for Mahamudra.

      At least how I’ve been doing it the past thirty five years.

      Nothing is outside the scope of my practice.

      My guru’s sect collaborated with China’s genocidal occupation of Tibet.

      I’m posting this from my iPhone.

      There is no moral high ground indeed.


      We’re dealing with the appearance of things.

      This is where the rubber meets the road if you are Karma Kagyu.

      It’s the same if you aren’t.

      If you dare, that is.

      Blessed be the disciple who suffers their guru.

      Karmapa Chenno!


  2. Patrick

    Being western is so passé, ain’t it?

    Honk Kong Chinese is definitely the way to go!

  3. Jack Straw

    And blessed be the 1%.

    • Jack Straw,

      The blessings of the Karma Kagyu are available to all.

      I am living proof of this.

      My guru is none other than the true nature of the mind itself, that which we all possess without exception.

      My guru is never not available to me.

      It was the first teaching I received from Khenpo Kathar Rinpoche.

      Thirty five years later it as true today as it was in 1981.

      You need only apply yourself to your practice.

      There is nothing exceptional in this.

      The goal is our path, our path is our goal.

      Ngondro, suffering the appearance of things,such as they are, my guru, this is my practice.

      The practice of the 1% is the opposite of this, spiritual

      A perfect example of this being the Karma Kagyu sect of Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

      Just follow the money.

      The other day I had a long talk with a house guest of ours, a friend of my wife who had just flown in from China where he teaches English to High School freshmen, a country ruled by the interests of the 1%.

      A country so polluted, so corrupt, it is hard to get your mind around what it must be like to live in such a place.

      Just as China is a country in which the 1% rules absolutely, the Karma Kagyu sect is the best hope this 1% has today to keep us, the 99%, as complacent as its leader, China’s billionaire Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje is.

      When our house guest described his students, he could have been describing Ogyen Trinley Dorje, smart as a tack, but incapable of thinking critically, of not conforming to the norms of Chinese society as it today.

      Blessed be the disciple who suffers the guru, that which the 1% is determined that we not do as dharma practitioners.


  4. Jon

    Looks like Karmapa has a new charitable trust: Kun Kyong Charitable Trust of Karmapa.

  5. Jane

    Hi Bill, Hope U R doing OK!

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