Ngondro deconstructed: The field of merit continued…

Dear Readers,

Both Wangchuck Dorje and Ogyen Trinley Dorje both begin their respective ngondro recitations with a description of the field of merit.

If we are going to do this though we should start with the titles.

My bad.



The flawless verses contained herein are called The Chariot that Carries Us Along the Noble Way. Its source is the pure teachings of the Realization Lineage of the Karma Kamtsang, which belongs to the precious Practice Lineage. It is a practice designed for daily recitation.




Brief Recitations For The Four Preliminary practices.

From yesterday.



In front of me, in the center of a lake, is a wish-fulfilling tree.


It has one root, one trunk, and four main branches.


At the central fork is a lion throne, on which rests a lotus, sun, and moon.


On this sits my root guru as Vajradhara.




Before me in the sky is the guru Vajradhara.




Surrounded by all the Kagyu gurus.




Surrounded by the gurus of the lineage of meaning and blessings


And gurus with whom I have dharmic connections of faith.

More to follow.



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