Jamgon Kongtrul “For those who support me in this difficult time thank you very much once again!”

Dear readers,

From fellow reader “Kate” we have Rinpoche’s response via Facebook to the Karma Kagyu sect’s attempt to coverup his rejection of Tibetan tradition.

Here is a follow-up post from JKR in response to the official statement posted by the Labrang. https://www.facebook.com/nyima20/?fref=nf

“The people in the labrang has send that official letter but to all the monks and others they have said I left cause of a friend ! Well it’s easy to accuse me of running away because of a girl and most people instantly believe, they say this to hide the true facts to why I left and to cover their dirty tracks. My friends have been complaining about how they have been threatened by the people in the labrang and have been a victim of verbal abuse.

How long will they sustain this politics? They also have a life of there own why are they being dragged into this ? Few friends have left me cause of the way the people in labrang treated them after they supported me, some even sustained physical abuse.

The way they treated me and my friends how can they even expect me to return ?

As always I am true to myself and I don’t care what others spread rumour about me but spare my friends.

If you have any queries message me directly stop involving my friends and stop bothering them 🙏.

I am sick and tired of all these politics!

For those who support me in this difficult time thank you very much once again!

Tashi delek !”

Courage !




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6 responses to “Jamgon Kongtrul “For those who support me in this difficult time thank you very much once again!”

  1. okiebuddhist

    I look forward to his freedom to teach the dharma. Seems like Kalu Rinpoche’s leadership in freeing the dharma may inspire other tulkus to do the same.

  2. okiebuddhist

    What Sara posted: I wonder if ‘the system’ should bring the greatest masters from the 21st century all the way back to the past 600 years ? Or shall we all try to bring the dharma to light into the 21st century with wisdom and truthfulness …

    With love and respect. Kalu Rinpoche

    (The younger generation of Tulkus are quite ready to be authentic like the 16th Karmapa, even though they were probably not born during his time period. They’re influenced by contemporary culture and Trungpa mythology. They’re also millennials or gen yers or whatever the term. The concept of the labrang seems more like organized hierarchies. How can dharma work in this fashion?)

  3. Dzatrul Annie

    Funny how either that link went dead or Kalu Rinpoche removed the post.

    This topic appears to be very sensitive indeed.

    Looks as if no one labrang wants to discuss the reform of the tulku tradition let alone the money, power and fame that each one desires.

  4. Joy

    The language of love is silence.
    To shout while keeping silence is the greatest gift.
    There is no other tantra.

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