The schism over KTD’s banishment of Bardor Tulku Rinpoche continues

Bardor Tulku Rinpoche, Woodstock NY, circa 1979

Dear readers,

Salut mes amis !

Someone I follow on Twitter who found himself odd man out at Lama Kathy’s Columbus KTC when KTD banished Bardor Tulku tweeted the following.

“Huh, 2nd day in a row I’ve been treated rudely by a member of Col. KTC. This has been reoccurring over years but twice in 2 days…

Though some members have remained warm towards me, I can’t go to that place anymore. Patience will be practiced by maintaining distance”

Via DM he asked
me the following question.

“You ever think Columbus KTC burned to the ground as a result of the warped teachings given there regarding lineage & root gurus, amongst other possible heinous practices?”

Violà !

I responded that I didn’t think so.

I don’t think like that.

It isn’t who I am as a dharma practitioner.

That being said I appreciate where he is coming from though.

A creature of Chicago KTC’s Lama Sean has been trolling me online for years since I broke the Bardor Tulku story in 2010.

This is all on Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

He made this happen.

The schism over KTD’s banishment of Bardor Tulku Rinpoche continues.




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16 responses to “The schism over KTD’s banishment of Bardor Tulku Rinpoche continues

  1. EcoSocioContemplative

    What happened to the comment concerning the one million dollars being spent on a new KTC & that being evidence of Karmapa’s blessing?

  2. This type of thinking always makes me feel uneasy. Claiming some result is a consequence of good or bad karma is a fools game, things can generally be spun how the individual wants. Our limited knowledge makes it impossible to discern definitively one way or the other.

    I think there is a tendency to attribute good and easy times with positive karma … though perhaps, its our negative habits that allow an easy life.

  3. EcoSocioContemplative

    All results are a consequence of actions. That’s a very basic teaching. Now, being able to specifically link certain results to specific actions, that could be considered a “fool’s game” but that doesn’t need to be confused with jestful speculation

    • A basic teaching or tautology? Jokes are jokes – speculation is speculation.

      • EcoSocioContemplative

        “Claiming some result is a consequence of good or bad karma is a fool’s game.” My reply to that statement wasn’t tautology but simply stating a basic teaching of the Buddha’s that you said “is a fool’s game.” So is this where you stand regarding respecting & believing a basic teaching of Buddha (& numerous teachers)? Of course, you may have misunderstood my point or I yours, as can happen with strangers, especially online, so no offense intended if that be the case.

        And speculation can be done humorously or jestfully as well as deprecatingly or with any other flavor. Jokes & jests as well. Everything bleeds into everything.

        Admittedly, I do have what some may consider an older world view & do believe in things working behind the scenes. But I don’t fool myself with thinking I can link specific results to causes with exception of on grosser levels- He laughed because she tickled him. So, if someone breaks out in a skin rash I may wonder, “Huh, I wonder if they pissed on a tree that homes a naga?” while acknowledging they are having a reaction to any number of typical/ common causes.

        • Meh, I disagree … you said “All results are a consequence of actions” – that is not a basic teaching. It merely repeats a concept with different phrasing – a tautology – in essence you said ‘All results are results.’

          If you want to speculate whether getting a rash is a good or bad thing – you are free to do so … I would proffer that we need to take a step back from imputing labels and values onto actions and things. We can not possibly know whether something is good or bad (unless of course you can see into the future and can witness the full causal chain).

  4. EcoSocioContemplative

    Who said “good” & who said “bad?” I never used those labels. I understand that karmic ripening can be viewed as either ie. a rash as “bad” because it causes discomfort or as “good” because the karma is being purified.

    I believe I see what you’re getting at with “all results are results” yet the root cause of all karma is self-clinging. If we say the root cause of all karma is a result of results…we may be getting to a chicken or the egg argument. There are still causes. I repeat “saying some result is a consequence of good or bad karma is a fool’s game..” Ooh, you’re the one who used “good” & “bad,” not I :p

    • Don’t forget the context of the conversation … was the fire at Columbus KTC a good or bad thing.

      • EcoSocioContemplative

        Ah, I see. I read it as regarding questioning the causes of the fire being a result of twisting dharma teachings concerning lineage & root gurus. Basically, giving perverted teachings in attempt to convince people who their root guru should be while propagating a type of lineage fundamentalism (my experience there).

  5. EcoSocioContemplative

    I know & believe I addressed that point in an earlier comments. Maybe we’re having a disconnect due to the limitations of online discourse. No worries & no offense. Enjoy your day.

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