The death of the Karma Kagyu sect, A Karma Kagyu lineage reborn in the West

Dear readers,

Salut mes amis !

Trungpa’s reincarnation.

The Karmapa’s reincarnation.

Kalu Rinpoche’s reincarnation.

Jamgon Kongtrul’s reincarnation.

Traleg Rinpoche’s reincarnation.

Voilà !

All failed attempts at successions by reincarnation.

All failed attempts at “preserving” Tibetan tradition.

So much for Tibetan tradition.

Is it our turn now?

I think so, yes.

We can now today say without fear of contradiction that the Karma Kagyu sect has, left to its own devices, failed the Karma Kagyu lineage that the 16th Karmapa passed into Parinirvana in 1981 at Zion, IL, to establish in the West.

Courage !



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