“I study and practice Buddhism” Ogyen Trinley Dorje, April 27, 2001 press conference 

Dear readers,

Salut mes amis !

Much has come to pass since Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s 2001 press conference.

“Norway Radio of Tibet Your Holiness, since you have come to India, the government of China has asserted that you did not come to take up residence in this country, but only to reclaim the Black Hat and other possessions of your predecessor; that you would be returning to China, and that you left a letter behind you in Tibet that stated that?”
His Holiness Karmapa: “It is true that I left a letter behind me, but as I wrote the letter myself, I’m perfectly aware of what was in it and what wasn’t. I said in the letter that I left because, although I had for a long time, persistently and repeatedly, requested permission to travel internationally, I had never received it and so I had to leave. I did not in the letter mention the Black Crown, the Black Hat. Why would I want to retrieve that from India and bring it back to China anyway? The only thing that would be served or accomplished by doing so that would be to place that Hat on Jiang Zemin’s head.”

Transcript of Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s press conference held April 27, 2001 at Gyuto Ramoche
Tantric University, Sidbhari, Himachal Pradesh, India

Voilà !

Ogyen Trinley Dorje has much to answer for.

His collaboration with China’s occupation of Tibet, i.e., the installation of a Traleg Yangsi at Thrangu Monestary last year.

His Labrang being named in the Panama Papers, i.e., where the money came from for his million dollar Kagyu Monlam this year.

What’s the deal with his “sister”, i.e., is the woman in question his mistress.

His role in the Jamgon Kongtrul scandal, i.e., the cover-up of Rinpoche’s “I don’t want to be a monk” moment and the subsequent bullying of him to walk back his decision to study medicine instead.

His monks in Sikkim, i.e., their protest of India’s 70th anniversary this year.

Sunlight being the best of disinfectants.

Courage !



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