“The blaze of the three poisons of the afflictions…” Pamo Trubo 

Dear readers,

Salut mes amis !

Since Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso went away in 2008 we have no Tibetan today teaching the lost long Karma Kagyu crazy lineage of Tibetan Buddhism that once was the norm in the West.

“The waves of affliction and clinging to a self
Are the wisdom of the Buddhas of the three times.
The darkness of thoughts and ignorance
Is great luminosity free from discursiveness.
The blaze of the three poisons of the afflictions
Is the wisdom mandala of the Victors.

Pamo Truba

Translated by Karl Brunnhölzl

Center of the sunlit sky

Pages 91-92

Voilà !

China’s safe short Karma Kagyu lineage of Ogyen Trinley Dorje serves a multitude of purposes and agendas.

None of which have anything to the dharma.

Courage !




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4 responses to ““The blaze of the three poisons of the afflictions…” Pamo Trubo 

  1. thubten2001

    It has something to do with Buddhism, but another way to look at it is the Buddha himself was well marketed too. This explains his popularity despite the false promise of transcendent realization; false for us common folk. Think of the Maitreya statues in restaurants that people mistake as Buddhas. Meditation and mindfulness are hugely beneficial in the 21st century, but they were not exclusively Buddhist properties, never were.

    • Dear readers,

      For anyone wondering what this is about.

      This is what stalking a person online looks like.

      I retweeted the Chicago Cubs link earlier today.

      It’s their way of reminding me that I’m still on their radar.


    • Dear readers,

      I was matching up email addresses to comments.

      My stalker used Tenzin Chonyi’s email address for their comment.

      Now that’s commitment.


      PS It’s always a hoot to see the email addresses, mostly Kagyu.net addresses, used by the people who post pornography
      in the comments section

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