According to Gampopa appearances are the body of the dharma, not the words the powers that be associate with it

Dear readers,

Salut mes amis !

China’s safe short Karma Kagyu lineage of Ogyen Trinley Dorje, its creatures, for reasons that have nothing to do with the dharma, fear our knowing Gampopa’s dharma for ourselves.

“Connate mind as such is the Dharma Body,
Connate appearances are the light of the Dharma Body.”


Answers to the questions of Tüsum Khyenba

Translation from Karl Brunnhölzl

Center of the sunlit sky

Page 93

Voilà !

That these people, followers of Lama Kathy and Lama Karma that have made their presence known here in particular whom so fear our studying the teachings of Gampopa without their permission, speaks for itself.

Courage !



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