According to Padma Karpo “Just as ground and fruition are not discerned as two, ground and path as well as path and fruition are inseparable”

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If Padma Karpo was alive today he wouldn’t be allowed to teach at KTD.

“From the perspective of the basic nature…the nature of phenomena , the fundamental nature or just the nature, nothing can be posited as anything.

Therefore, this actuality is labeled ’emptiness,’ ‘lack of nature,’ or ‘dependent origination.’

Since this is not established as anything whatsoever, it is suitable that anything emerges from it.

If it were established as any real nature, since it is impossible for a real nature to change into something other, it would not be suitable that something other than this real nature appears, just as charcoal does not turn white even if it is washed with milk.

Whatever appears from the aspect of phenomenal expression does not affect this ultimate nature, just as space seems to fluctuate in various ways, such as clouds, dusty winds, sunlight, darkness, and moonlight.

Therefore, we have the twofold classification into the ultimate when looking at the unchanging fundamental nature and into the seeming when looking at the fluctuations of its radiance.

Since both parts of such a classification are of the same taste in that they have the nature of lacking any nature, nobody is able to distinguish them as something different.

Therefore, they are called ‘inseparable’ or a ‘unity,’ very much like ice and water.

Thus, one should understand that, just as ground and fruition are not discerned as two, ground and path as well as path and fruition are inseparable.”

Padma Karpo

Illustration of three centrist scriptural systems

Translation from Karl Brunnhölzl

The center of the sunlit sky

Pages 93-94

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To followers of lama Kathy and lama Karma here.

What’s the deal with that?

Courage !



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