Ken McLeod drills down into Jamgon Kongtrul scandal

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China’s safe short Karma Kagyu lineage of Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

“The tulku system is unique to the Tibetan tradition of Buddhism. Broadly speaking, it is a system of identifying and developing spiritual talent to provide for the continuity of the tradition, control of real estate, multiple revenue streams, and the assurance that the gods are alive and well and part of the society they oversee. It is a brilliant solution to this complex of challenges, but it worked only in the isolated society of pre-diaspora Tibet. Dzongsar Khyentse’s criticism of the current training of tulkus is but one manifestation of the difficulties that traditional cultures have when transitioning to the modern world.”

Ken McLeod

Trike Daily

Voilà !

More like the normalization of tyranny in the name of the dharma.

Courage !




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5 responses to “Ken McLeod drills down into Jamgon Kongtrul scandal

  1. Joyce

    But you probably agree with Ken that the tulku system worked better in old Tibet, don’t you? I agree with Trungpa about most tulkus not being the actual reincarnations of the past masters–but hopefully having some similarities.

    • Hsu

      If the Tulku system isn’t authentic in the first place, Joyce, as is the implication suggested in the example you provide from Trungpa, it doesn’t matter if it worked in old Tibet or doesn’t work now.

      In old Tibet the literacy rate was abismal and the ‘nation’ was a theocracy. Those are the good old days that KKR and Thrangu Rinpoche have worked to try to recreate. This is precisely why KTD is so horrendous and also why KTD (and most ‘traditionalist’ dharma organizations) can’t understand JKR, Kalu Rinpoche and are miffed by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.

      If the Tulku system is merely a way of passing down property and identifying ‘talent’ it should be openly described as such. It also means no one should prostrate to a Tulku until they actually prove themselves.

      Thrangu Rinpoche has done a good job ensuring that his property is protected by installing a yangsi Traleg Rinpoche. It makes sense, right? After all, Thrangu Rinpoche is getting old and now that a Traleg Rinpoche has been ‘found’ he can rest assured that his legacy will live on.

      All this being said, I am curious as to why Ken feels the need to ‘re-clarify’ Dzongsar’s original point. It seems awfully paternalistic to me.

    • Dear readers,

      In 1992 the Karma Kagyu sect collaborated with China to make Ogyen Trinley Dorje 17th Karmapa.

      China flipped the script.

      Instead of this being the beginning of the end of the Chinese Communist Party, what the fall of the Berlin Wall was to the Soviet Union, it normalized not only China’s occupation of Tibet but its territorial ambitions in the subcontinent and beyond as well.

      Whatever succession by reincarnation was in the past there can be no denying the fact that the Chinese Communist Party today owns succession by reincarnation.

      And that it was the Karma Kagyu sect that made this happen.

      When given a choice between freedom and tyranny Thrangu Rinpoche, Akong Rinpoche, and Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, three Tibetans living as exiles in the West, chose tyranny over freedom.

      Instead of flipping the script on the Chinese Situ Rinpoche chose the path of least resistance with Thrangu Rinpoche, his tutor, and the rest is history, notwithstanding Shamar Rinpoche’s efforts to the contrary.

      When Ogyen Trinley Dorje had the opportunity in 1999 to flip the script when the Chinese Communist Party let him escape to India it turned out that the 14 year old Karmapa had in fact “escaped” not to freedom but into the hands of the very same men who had collaborated with the Chinese to enthrone him at Tsurphu as 17th Karmapa in the first place.

      In 2015 tyranny’s triumph over freedom was made complete by none other than the very same Ogyen Trinley Dorje that tried to escape to what he hoped would be freedom in India in 1999 when he himself collaborated with the Chinese Communist Party to enthrone the reincarnation of our Traleg Rinpoche as yet another victory of tyranny over freedom at Thrangu monastery in occupied Tibet.

      There is no denying that this happened.

      Tyranny triumphed over freedom.

      It couldn’t have happened without the collaboration of the Karma Kagyu sect which was instrumental in making it so.


  2. In the end it is a dysfunctional system. It’s main purpose in Tibet was to find a young peasant child, shower money and privilege on him and his family so that they would always be subservient to their real masters, the oligarchy of Tibet. Their control was enforced by placing the sons of the oligarchs as fake Lamas in control of the monasteries. KKR’s capitulation in the Lama Tenzin scandals was a proof of how the system works. The highest lama always knows that his position is only secured by the will of the oligarchy to which he must remain loyal no matter what.

    The notion that somehow by some kind of dharmic magic insures that these positions are filled by those with “talent” is a totally ludicrous assertion and there is more than ample evidence that this method has less of a chance producing “talent” than simply giving a group of students the chance to learn and choosing the best and brightest.

  3. thubten2001

    Tibetans probably don’t understand our intimacy with change and organizational ethics despite their teachings of impermanence and karma.

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